I want you to finally say "YES" to yourself.  Say "YES" to living a life

that makes your heart sing. 

My coaching practice has always been about helping people uncover what they really want and then go out there and create that life.  Whether I was working with small business owners, empty-nesters, wanna-be authors or corporate executives, my mission has been to help people get unstuck and get moving . . . because there is no time to waste spinning your wheels.  

For over 30 years, I've observed how our internal and external lives play off one another; either taking us where we want to go or holding us back.  When you address both your inner well-being and your external environment simultaneously, I'm confident you will have the energy to create exactly what you want. You will be a magnet for the good stuff you desire.  


To help you align your insides and your outsides, I use traditional methods of self exploration & coaching with a decorator's understanding of placement and color, a keen intuition, and a dollop of enthusiasm for organization to help you transform both yourself and your environment.  My work is part question-asking coach, part advice-giving consultant, part interior designer.

So if you want more success in your career, deeper or more satisfying relationships, to delve into one of your life goals or enjoy a transformative and lasting sense of wellness, then perhaps your living environment is the place to begin.  

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Some people wish for a beautiful life, others make their life Beautiful!

I’m Cheri Honeycutt, and for the last 30 years I’ve had two passions; helping people get “un-stuck” in their life and business and making the spaces where I live beautiful as well as supportive of the vision I have for my life. I’m an educator, trainer, coach, decorator, cook, mom, wife, dog-lover, nature lover, world peace enthusiast, mega-fan of British period novels, and I’m convinced that going to bed without one little bite of dark chocolate is a sin. 

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Helping You Create the Life You've Always Intended, On Purpose!

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