No matter what brings you to this work, there are a series of steps I take all my clients through.  It begins by taking stock of where you are right now.  Then we observe your patterns and behaviors and let them reveal more about you.  Using this information as our guide, together we fashion a life (including both your internal and external life) and create a game plan that fits you and your desires.  We design a blue print for the beautiful life you crave.

My coaching practice is based on my understanding of the connection between our environment and our health . . . our spaces and our energy level . . . our stuff and our sanity.  I've found the quickest way to get unstuck is to stir up the energy in the spaces we occupy the most.  

It's a balance of internal work (thoughts, feelings, self-insight, etc) and external shifts (our possessions, our surroundings, sounds, clutter, home decor, planning).  These things work in tandem.  I've come to believe the best way to shift our inner self is to move something in our outer lives and the best way to shift our outer life is to work on our inner selves.    Real synergy happens when these things are balanced and in flow.    


She believed she could, so she did.



My work always begins with a 360 degree look at your life. With my help you take a deep dive into what makes you tick, what's holding you back, how your home and office are working or not working, your unmet dreams and aspirations, your excuses and self-talk . . .  we will look at it all. This is done when you do a guided meditation before our first session.  You (with my help) do an exhaustive inventory of what's working and what's not working in all areas of your life is a must. You have to know where you are in order to chart a course for where you want to be.  


You may come to coaching to work on one or two specific areas of your life and  that's fine.  But if you want to create lasting and sustainable changes in your life, this bird's eye view is a must.  

Discover & Declare

This really isn't a step . . . it happens all along this process whether we work together once or multiple times.  Deepening your understanding of yourself and shifting your environment will most definitely unearth your genuine wants and dreams. Some people have known for years what they really want.  Others have long ago shelved their dreams only to find that once again they pop up and demand to be heard.  Others have buried them so far they forgot about them entirely.

I help you fully step into those desires and find the courage and your voice to unapologetically claim them. Once you really see your dreams, you can't "unsee" them. Just like you can't put toothpaste back in the tube.  You deserve to have exactly the life you want!  You and your desires deserve to be shouted from the mountain top! 


I have a plethora of tools and techniques to help you get to know yourself better . . . and I use them all.  But perhaps my favorite and the one I find to have the depth for real change is the Enneagram.

The Enneagram is a personality typing tool with very, very deep roots.  It provides a multidimensional map of your psyche and soul. WOW, right? This understanding of who you are and how and why you think and feel the way you do allows you to awaken to all sorts of possibility. Awaken!  Can I get a Woot Woot!  The Enneagram has been a game changer for almost everyone who has embraced it.


All of my clients take the Enneagram assessment and the results will be used in tandem with other exercises for a true, deep dive into who they really are.   


Now comes the time to look at your space and see if and how it is aligned with your vision for your life. Sometimes this can happen in person (for an additional fee) or it can happen virtually using technology during a session.  Or, most often I teach you how to do this yourself!


My work relies heavily on my decorator's eye and the application of Feng Shui principles. Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese systems of principles about space and orientation and how it relates to the flow of energy. The goal is to increase the positive energy , what is called Chi. To do this, we will work with clutter, furniture placement, color and texture, both inside and outside your home.


Most people need to make changes (some a little, some a lot) to increase the positive Chi in their home.  Doing this practically guarantees your space will promote better health, a stronger feeling of well-being, more prosperity, happier and more satisfying relationships and much more. Most importantly you will feel refreshed, excited, productive, nurtured and even proud of your beautiful home and office.    

Plan & Execute

Finally there is the DOING, where you take one step, then another, followed by another.  Sounds simple but most of us really struggle with this step.


Life throws us curve balls, our mind starts panicking about

all the changes we are making or we find some other reason for abandoning this work.  We slip back into our old ways. Some of us even go so far as to sabotage ourselves. Then happiness begins to drift away like a canoe that comes untied from the dock.  


That is why my work places a major focus on creating systems to keep your eye on the prize.  


Depending on how I work with you, I'll either coach you to do the actual work yourself or I will provide hands-on help with your home or office. 

Stop letting mental and     

physical clutter cheat you.

Clear a  path to the life        

you've always wanted! 

You'll get your Ideal Life Starter Kit plus periodic  emails with pragmatic and inspiring tips for creating your ideal life.  

A profound little note written to me by my wise friend Katherine.