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Wouldn't it be amazing if there was a brain-trust you could tap into when you were feeling confused, worn-out or weary?  Or a guide who has been where you are and is eager to show you the way out?  What if you could travel this path with others who would lock arms with you as you each followed the path to your deepest desires?  What if there were a map, of sorts, you could follow that ensured you would  find exactly want you wanted?  A treasure map to lead you to the fulfilled, peaceful, confident YOU?

What if you could blaze a trail to your most delicious, fulfilling life, ON PURPOSE?  



​I’ve been lost more times than I can count.  I’ve suffered burnout in my professional life. . .  TWICE!  Each time, doubting I could find my drive and passion ever again.  I have had a 20-year marriage end and thought love was what other people did.  I've raised two kids with special needs and had years of hand-wringing and nights I cried myself to sleep.  I've lived paycheck to paycheck praying that nothing would break.  I've logged a lot of hours being angry and bitter about the "cards I'd been dealt".

​But through each of these times - each time I was a crumpled mess - I found a guide.  A guide who had been where I was.  A guide who gave me a map, a tool or a flashlight.  What each gave me was validation and a way out.  After 30 years of being guided, I’ve amassed a toolbox FULL of ways to live my life on purpose. 

I’ve found my way to professional fulfillment and have owned my own successful training business for 22 years.  I did what I could to heal from a lack-luster marriage and then opened myself up for true love . . . and have found it.  My kids are grown and flourishing, something I wasn't sure would ever come to be. I don't lose a lot of sleep over money anymore because I've learned how to trust in my own abilities to offer my gifts and be paid for them.

Come, let me be your guide to the life you’ve always intended. 

Hi, I'm Cheri Honeycutt


and I'd love to be your guide to the life you’ve always intended. 

What the world needs right now in order to evolve is to watch one woman at a time live her truest, most beautiful life without asking for permission or offering explanation.

Glennon Doyle


  • 12 weekly, 90-minute coaching calls:  Tue, Sep 29, 2020 - Tue, Dec 15, 2020  7 pm - 8:30 pm EST.

  • Weekly office hours on Fridays from 2 pm - 3 pm.

  • Weekly email/video from Cheri on a specific topic.

  • Comprehensive "Live On Purpose Workbook".  

  • Live and lively ZOOM meetings with both large group and small group discussions.

  • A psychologically safe environment. . . plus the occasional Dance Party!

  • One-on-one buddy meetings with other participants. 

  • On-the-spot coaching when each will get a time to be coached on a call if they choose.

  • Private group on WhatApp for daily accountability and support.

  • The Enneagram Assessment with a full description from the Enneagram Institute.

  • All of the weekly sessions and the office hours will be recorded for those who can’t be there live or want to review the material.




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3 Payments of $497

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This ProgramIncludes

For details, hover over the pictures below. 

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Week 1  
360° Assessment and Setting Powerful Intentions
Happy Woman
Week 2  
Taking 100 % Responsibility for Everything
Image by Jessica Pamp
Week 3
Crafting a Crystal Clear Vision
Week 4
Tapping into Your
Big Why
Week 5
Without Apology,
the Life you Want!
Image by Cezanne Ali
Week 6
Releasing What No Longer Works for You
Image by Gustavo Torres
Week 7
Cultivating and Navigating Tension
Rock Balancing
Week 8
the Mystery
w6cbpvh49sgqewuhouva (1).png
Week 9
Setting and Honoring Boundaries
Image by Emma Simpson
Week 10
Getting Off Track and Re-Calibrating
Week 11
Lovin' On Yourself
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Week 12
Celebration & Setting Up for Continued Success

This MasterMind is for you if 



  • You're itching to transform your life but you simply don't know where to begin.

  • You have very specific goals and are ready to make a doable plan AND take massive action.

  • You're nervous about being isolated again during this global pandemic.

  • You understand the role community plays in your success.

  • You want to contribute to other's success.

  • You have massive amounts of fear or pessimism and are tired of these emotions running the show.

  • You're eager to put yourself at the top of your to-do list but you're not really sure how to do it.

  • You know in your heart you need to set some boundaries but you're scared and need some support.

  • You're a person who likes to connect with others who are committed to living their best life on purpose.

  • You would describe yourself as unfulfilled, bored, frustrated, lost, stuck, or broke.

  • You would also describe yourself as eager, hungry, curious, willing, and ready!!

  • You're not ready to look at what you've been doing to hold yourself back.

  • You're not able to make YOU a priority right now.

  • You're committed to holding on to the past mistakes and narratives.

  • You don't like to be a part of a group.


Cheri, I'm not sure this is for me.  How can I know?

This is something only you can decide. I can offer two pieces of guidance.  1) Sit still and imagine you've said "Yes" to this experience without any hesitancy.  Note how you feel.  Just sit with this.  Now, imagine you've said "No" to this experience.  Sit with that choice and note how you feel.  Sometimes, simply being still and imaging your options will reveal the answer.   2) We can have a no-pressure (I cross my heart, no pressure) conversation to answer any questions or concerns you may have.  Before we do this, I ask you think about what you most need to know from me.  Then we can come together to see if and how I can help you decided.  Click here to schedule a time to chat.  

Aren't MasterMinds usually centered on business building?

Not necessarily.  People with similar goals come together to do all kinds of things, however they may not call themselves a MasterMinds.  Think Weight Watcher, 12-Step Programs, Devotional groups, etc.  Sure, we use the term MasterMind more often with business, but I see them as any way people come together with a shared goal or purpose AND they want to lean into the expertise of those in the group. 


Won't it be  weird if all of the people in the MasterMind are trying to do something different in their lives?

I have been bringing people together in groups for many years and the diversity is always one of the biggest blessings.  In the "Live on Purpose MasterMind" each participant will be learning the same process.  Think about it like an art class.  Each person has an easel, a canvas, brushes and a palette bursting with colors.  Each is there to make art but none of us will paint the same picture.  What all those in this MasterMind experience will have in common is their commitment to making something beautiful TO THEMSELVES.  But the design and even the creation of their work of art will begin in community.    

I can't imagine doing this on Zoom.  I'm much more of an in-person kind of person.

I bet by now you've been on a Zoom call  because of the pandemic.  But you may not have had those Zoom calls facilitated in the way I will be facilitating our interactions.  We'll be using music and breakout rooms and infusing them with A LOT of energy.  I've had to convert all of my professional trainings to Zoom over the last few months.  The response from those who are attended is one of shock.  They are pleasantly surprised at the level of intimacy, connection and learning that can happen.  I'm committed to making this one of the best ZOOM experiences you've ever had.    

I have to miss a session or two.  Is this still something I should do?

Everything we do will be recorded for any and all of the group members to use in any way they may want.  Plus, the weekly session is only one part of the program.  There will also weekly Office Hours where you can hop on-line with me and others to review the content, ask questions or get support.  We 'll all be sharing and supporting one another in WhatsApp, a app for private interactions.  Then there are the buddy meetings where each person will be assigned another mastermind buddy to have "coffee" with in a given week.  There is A LOT of opportunities to stay connected even if you can't make all of the weekly sessions. 

This MasterMind is not for you if 

Frequently Asked Questions

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3 Payments of $497

1 Payment of $1350

Not sure this is for you?  Lets have a chat and find out.  I promise, you will get no pressure from me.  Just answers to your questions.  

Listen, I would  LOVE for you to be a part of this "Life, On Purpose MasterMind" because I know it's going to be TRANSFORMATIONAL!  I've been compelled to offer it because I know there are people out there who are looking for this format and this kind of program. 


If that is you, please join me!  If it's not you, well, that's okay too.  Trust yourself.  Learning to listen to what is best for you is a big part of living On Purpose.  So, if this is calling,  Go For It!  If not, keep coming back to me and dipping into all of the other things I have to help you live On Purpose.  I'm here for you in any way you like.  

Most Sincerely,



Live the Life You've Always Intended, On Purpose!