You Get To Change Your Mind

How many of us are holding ourselves hostage with out-dated ideas, a list of should-as and ought-as that no longer fit us? We really can change our minds and take our lives in a whole different direction if we want to. Several years ago, I scheduled a solo trip to the beach in November. I was single then, running my business, parenting two very challenging kids at the time. I was spinning about 17 plates on sticks and I was dead-dog tired. So I rented a cottage for 4 nights at the beach, packed up the dogs, coloring pencils, a beach chair, a few novels and self-help books and I was off to recharge, relax and recoup from a crazy-ass year. Oh, such romantic notions I had about a leisurely

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Photographs by Isaac Cogdill

Head Shots by Robert Mannis Photography

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