5 Tips for Navigating Mood Swings

Can you relate to this? Some days you feel terrific, like you’re full of endless power and you're joyfully kickin’ butt!  Then other days you feel like life result of this emotional whiplash?   We are overwhelmed, exhausted and sometimes suffering from a sprained spirit. So, what do we do? Overtime, I have developed a few strategies that help me negotiate these highs and lows (#LifebyDesignwithCheri).  See if one or more might work for you too. 1. Accept that highs and lows are natural. Okay, well DUH!  But remember this – bright light produces deep shadows and shadows bring out the beauty of the light.  Without this variation, our lives would be a gray, lack luster existence.  Do you reall

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Photographs by Isaac Cogdill

Head Shots by Robert Mannis Photography

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