Dealing with Disappointment

Podcast Podcast Transcript The adolescent years are tough. They’re tough on everyone. The kid AND the parents. That’s especially true for families dealing with autism. My son Noah has autism and some other issues and those years as he was going through puberty were grueling. I was warned but nothing really prepared me for the volatility, the total shift in him as he acclimated to his new body and hormones and growing up. All of this is better now—way better—so we can laugh about it now. But those were some tough years. During this time, I worked hard to help him learn how to be flexible. Something hard for all of us but a real challenge for people with autism. When faced with something he di

What Are You Tolerating?

Podcast Podcast Transcript About 25 years ago was when I began to consciously try to learn about and develop myself. I had been on a journey or sorts since I was in college, but this was when I took a deep dive. I was starting my consulting business and I had just had my first child. I began to actively search out ways to know myself better. The internet was only 9 years old—relatively young. But it provided some great places to learn. I began to “discover” a whole new world of wonderful resources. You can’t see me, but I just put bunny ears around the word discover because in truth, these resources found me. My favorite tried and true way to learn from others is from books. Still is. And I

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