Ep 15: What You Can’t See Affects You

Podcast Podcast Transcript We humans are a weird lot. We tend to only believe or acknowledge what we can see. Put another way, we often operate on the premise out of sight, out of mind. But there are loads of things that exist which affect us that we can’t see. Things like electromagnetic radio waves, atoms and even smaller quantum particles. Then there is life-giving oxygen and gravity. And what about our mind. We can’t see that! Each one of these things are part of our everyday even though we don’t give them a minute’s notice. But let something come in and disrupt or pollute or alter these things, and we feel the effects. Let’s take air for example. All is well until the air we require to

That Which We Resist, Persist

Podcast Podcast Transcript If your noses itches and you don't scratch it, what happens? Does it stop itching? Do you simply move on to something else and forget about it? Do you just learn to live with an itchy nose? In today's podcast were going to talk about the powerful truth that states "that which we resist, persists." This quote has two meanings for me and today we're gonna talk about one of them--the cost of NOT doing something. I bet you already know it’s a much better idea to do those things that need to be done and not put them off or procrastinate. Duh right? Millions of dollars and millions of hours are spent by we humans to try to curb our habit of procrastination. But we

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