Crazy times, am I right? How do we keep from going NUTS?!

Click here to learn about Shelter in Place Power Hours. They will be held evey day at 10 am EST until this crisis is over. So . . .how ya doin now that that damn coronavirus showed up and changed all of our lives? I’m not doing so well.  I’m kind of like the rainy weather we’ve been having these days; mostly cloudy with the occasional glimpse of blue skies.  So why am I writing you in my current mood?  Aren’t I supposed to be someone who’s positive and brings you tips for creating your ideal life?  I am, but sheesh . . . who would've ever expected this?  I know I could've never imagined this ka-ra-zee-ness.  Things are truly scary for all of us but let me confess to you how I’m making thi

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Photographs by Isaac Cogdill

Head Shots by Robert Mannis Photography

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