Each week I produce a short, helpful podcast with tools and ideas to help you design, create and live your ideal life.  With a lively upbeat flavor, each podcast will focus on pragmatic and practical ways to help you live more on purpose.  To stop just going through the motions, to stop living by default!


Each podcast varies in length, depending on the topic and what I have to say.  Each is ideal to listen to while you take a walk, cook dinner, clean your house or commute to work.

You can listen (and subscribe) anyway you enjoy podcast: directly from this site, Apple Podcasts, Google Play or Spotify.

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Well, because of you  and your podcast, I have cleaned out all my drawers and closets.  And all daylong I have looked for chipmunks and tomatoes. 

Kelly B

Helping You Create the Life You've Always Intended, On Purpose!

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