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Ep 28: Detachment on Purpose


Podcast Description

In this podcast Cheri ask the question, “How do you live ON Purpose when so much of what is happening to you is out of your control?” That’s a biggie, right? But she doesn’t’ stop there, she tops that question with an even bigger one. “How do you not?!”

We only have control of ourselves. We can’t control much of daily politics, pandemics, war, the climate crisis, etc. We can only control our responses to these things. We can only control ourselves. When we forget our mood, our potential, our health, our self-esteem and our happiness is at jeopardy.

Listen as Cheri talks about healthy detachment and equanimity; two strategies for staying calm when things are unhinged. She discusses how to intentionally be untethered to things outside of your control and instead staying unruffled in these crazy times.


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