Are you ready for 

MoreHappy , Less Crappy

Get crystal on what your pinch-worth life looks like and then design a plan to make it a reality! The next Cohort will be in early 2023.

Here's what I know for sure


  1. Creating a life you love requires intention.  It rarely (never) happens by accident.

  2. No one can create our best life for us.  It's an inside game with very few short cuts.

  3. When we show up for ourselves, the Universe conspires to help us in the magical ways.  

Do any of these sound like you?

  • You're tired. . . tired of always "working" on yourself, trying to improve in some way so you can finally "earn" the life you want.

  • When asked how you are, you fudge a little and say "you're fine" but in reality you know you aren't as okay as you'd like people to think. 

  • In your heart you want MORE!  You want more even though you're not even sure what more means.   

  • You're freakin' awesome at balancing everything.  Somedays, however, it's just too much!  

  • When you see people on Facebook backpacking through Austria, being skinny and still eating ice-cream, or running their 6th marathon you hit 👍🏽 but inside you wince a little because frankly, "You want what she's having."

  • You're ready for life to be about you and your happiness.  You're ready to stop settling and postponing and waiting.  

All that sounds pretty logical, right?  But how do you do that?

Glad you asked! 

Because creating a life you're truly in love with is exactly what the Purpose-FULL Life Approach was created for.

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The next program will be in 2023. 

This program will help you:

  • figure out how to stop procrastinating, putting your desires on the backburner and waiting for some day in the future to have what you truly want!

  • figure out exactly what you truly want & tap into the reasons why you want it

  • release all manner of ideas, habits and even possessions that are holding you back

  • learn to embrace the inevitable CRAPPY moments and use them as fuel to create more HAPPY 

You'll walk away from this experience with knowledge

to draw on for the REST OF YOUR BEAUTIFUL LIFE!!!

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What the world needs right now in order to evolve is to watch one woman at a time live her truest, most beautiful life without asking for permission or offering explanation.
Glennon Doyle

Hi, I'm Cheri,

I'll spare you the gory details but I've learned a few things dealing with my shit-show of a life.  Being raised in patriarchy to be a people-pleaser, I was set up to put myself last.  Throw in divorce, two special needs kids, self-esteem issues one helluva inner critic and, lets just say, I've spent a lot of time with a box of tissues in my lap, a wine glass in my hand and my therapist on speed dial.  But thrrough it all I've I managed to craft a pretty awesome life!  (you can read more here) 

I'd like to think my roughest years are behind me but those hard years have shaped how I live my day-to-day and how I help my clients.  I learned to throw the bull-shit flag on waiting for the "right time" for my desires to matter.  I help my clients throw their bull-shit flag too . and declare now is the time to create the life they want . . . whether they think they can do it or not.


That's what this group is all about.  I teach you what I call the Purpose-full Life Approach to creating what you want.  You will, perhaps for the first time, tap into what your deepest desires AND why they are important.  Then I help you mindfully and purposefully create a plan an see it through, one purposeful action at a time.  

What we'll do together

Module 1:       Learn the four "kick but” strategies to tap into unlimited power

Module 2:      Uncover exactly what your pinch-worthy life looks like

Module 3:      Discover why doing everything in your power to create your ideal life truly matters

Module 4:      Identify all of your parts and get them all on board to create the life you want

Module 5:      Find freedom as you release what is no longer serves you

Module 6:      Learn how to take inspired action and get results quickly

Module 7:       Work your muscle for living just outside your comfort zone

Module 8:      Learn how to fail fabulously and get right back up and try again


  • 9 weeks in an intimate group container

  • 8 live 90-minute coaching calls (+ 1 week of integration) 

  • 8 core modules with a guided curriculum & workbook

  • Private Facebook group where recordings will be held.

  • A community of empowered, like-minded people

  • Opportunity to attend LIVE "Hot Seats" for on-the-spot coaching support

  • A weekly email or FB post with prompts for deeper exploration and for taking aligned action  

  • Weekly Power Hours (Monday 10am-12pm eastern) 

What's Included!

When does it begin?  


The week of August 21st (exact day and time to be determined)

Recordings of all sessions will be made in case you must miss a session.  


Although this is work I've been doing with individuals for years, this is the beta version of this group experience.  The price will likely be 2 or 3 times higher the next time it's offered.  

One Payment of $777 

Two Payments of $390

If you're ready to have more of what you want, to take responsibility for your own happiness and do this all in a container with other women who have the same desire, then join me.  

Let's craft a plan for MORE HAPPY together!!!!