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Taking control when things are out of control

This may be hard to accept but despite this crisis we’re in right now, with the whole country on lock down, you can still design your life. In fact, you MUST design your life—ON PURPOSE.  It’s the only way through this. 
Ok, I get that you may want to dispute this because so much of what you typically do is not available to you right now.  There are so many unknowns and bad news and free-floating anxiety from almost everyone you encounter. 

But you're still the creator of your life.  You’re the boss of YOUR life—what you do, what you think, how you feel.  I might argue that fully slipping into the driver’s seat of your life is more important now than it ever has been. 

We humans are designed to move.  We need to move our bodies, our minds, and souls.  We need to inspire and be inspired.  We need to keep the energy flowing, to our cells, in our minds, in our environments.  And besides, action (movement) is one of these best remedies for fear.  Action cures fear!


Action Cures Fear.jpg
Action Cures Fear.jpg

I've got two ways to help you tackle your fear and your boredom and make it through these crazy times . . .

Shelter in Place Worksheets


Daily Power Hours

During this crisis we MUST have activity.  We must create motion.  We must be intentional in creating this or we’ll atrophy.  Our minds and hearts and souls will get stuck from a lack of use.  We also need beauty and connection and joy . . . even (and perhaps most of all) when things are bleak.


BC (Before Corona) most of us met these needs by going to work, church and synagogue.  We joined friends for dinner and golf and the occasional party.  But those aren’t available to us now so we have to be creative and intentional to create movement and motion in others ways. I have two things to help you intentionally design your life and to create movement. 


First is a Shelter in Place Worksheet.  It is a worksheet with seven (7) questions that prompt you to determine how you’re feeling on a daily basis and then to set intentions for what you will do each day. My hope is that this worksheet will help you take the focus away from the gloom and doom and place it directly on those things in which you can control.  I recommend you print a few out and fill one out at the beginning of each day. 


Second is the Shelter in Place Master Project List - a worksheet for you to inventory your environment.  (I also have a Guided Mediation that may help with this as well)  Like I’ve said in earlier newsletters, I don’t see Coronavirus as a gift, as a time to do “great” things.  However, you most likely have time on your hands, and you MUST keep those hands busy.  It’s a great time to do projects that were nagging you BC and will nag you once again when it’s all over.


I encourage you to download these and use them.  I’m using them every day myself.  It’s how I’m making sure I take care of myself, feel as good as I can each night when I go to bed and make the most of this “crazy ass time”! 


You’ve gotta move, ya’ll. 


You’ve gotta be intentional in how you care for yourself. Again, despite the fact that you have seemingly NO CONTROL over what is happening right now, you are still 100% responsible for your life.  You are in the driver’s seat in regard to your thoughts, your feelings and your actions.    

Click on the image below to download your copy of the Shelter in Place Worksheets. 

Shelter in Place Worksheets..jpg

Shelter in Place Power Hours


Join me everyday until this craziness is over at 

at 11:00 AM EST for a Shelter in Place Power Hour.


Here's how it works: 


  • We come together and look each other in the eye via the wonderful technology of ZOOM.  No need to be camera-ready.  I sure won't be.  Come as you are!

  • Then everyone shares what they're gonna be working on for the next hour or so.  We encourage each other, inspire one another and bask in the community we're all craving. 

  • Next, we suspend the call and we each go our separate ways to tackle our project.  What we do varies from person to person - - you may do a yoga video or clean out a cabinet or finish your taxes or de-clutter a space or write thank you notes.  We each do something that will bring us a sense of control and satisfaction.  Get it!  To help you with this, download the Shelter in Place Project List Template.  

  • Then we come back together on ZOOM and report out.  We share how we feel having moved and made progress in an important area of our lives.  Believe me, it's really fun.  


Come as often or as little as you want.  I'm gonna be here to commune with whoever shows up. 

Remember, it's not about doing big hairy or scary things (unless you want to),  rather it's about doing something that makes us feel better AND leaning into community. 


Lastly, who else do you know who may need this?  Please share, share, SHARE!!!  The more the merrier.    

The Details

Time: Apr 7, 2020 11:00 AM Eastern Time 
        Every day, until Apr 30, 2020
Join Zoom Meeting:  https://us02web.zoom.us/j/580409180

Meeting ID: 580 409 180



Read the blog post that inspired me to do these community Power Hours to get a feel for what they're all about.  Then join the call and lets create something  awesome together AND boost our collective mood!