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Design Your Life

On Purpose?


Join me to learn how to stop living by default!  Begin now to to tap into

your power to design, create

and live with intention. 

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Purposeful Questions to get you unstuck and moving right now!

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Imagine, no longer living by default, where one day bleed into the next.  Rather you no longer  struggled to have the life you wanted! 

What would it feel like to live 

On Purpose?


If you're struggling to take get your life headed in the right direction, take action on things you KNOW you need and want or generally feel unsatisfied with how things are going,  then let's schedule a  conversation.  Click here to learn more.



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On-Line & In-Person

Appreciative Inquiry Facilitation & Training

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 I’m passionate about helping individuals, leaders and teams stop just "showing up" and start performing so they can create real momentum and better results. I teach my Pillars of Purpose (purposeful questions, purposeful conversations, and purposeful actions) facilitated trainings and team-building workshops to take people to their next level of performance.


My work is a radically effective, scientifically based, multi-disciplinary approach for leading and managing teams, organizations and learning communities, both at in-person events (retreats, conferences, summits & workshops), as well as in the virtual environment.

Keynotes, Interviews

and Guest Podcasting 

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Are you looking for a speaker or guest to motivate and inspire your teams and groups AND make them laugh and smile?  I've been speaking, training and uplifting groups well over 20 years.  I've spoken to thousands of audiences from 10 to 1000s!  From an inspiring keynote, to a hands-on workshop or a facilitated training I inspire individuals and leaders to take charge and make change!  I speak on topics of high performance and deepening your connection with others, and up-leveling your own achievement. Click below to find out more! Click here to download my one-sheet.

Download my free "Get Unstuck Worksheet"

Purposeful Questions to get you unstuck and moving right now!

Unstuck Worksheet Cover.png