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Are your life and business so good you have to pinch yourself?

If not, it's time to design them

On Purpose!

There's a lot of buzz out there about "living your best life" and "making your life count." (Thank you, Oprah!)


But what does that really mean?  Is that just reserved for celebs and people with extra money and time on their hands?  

Well, no it's not!  All of us have the opportunity to live our best life, but it takes effort.

NO ONE ACCIDENTLY LIVES THEIR BEST LIFE. (Sorry I had to be so emphatic!)

Most people go through life living one day after the other with no real thought to what they want or how they can get it.  (Think zombies.)  They go to work, do the laundry, pay the bills, play on their phone and check social media, eat ice cream out of the container,  binge watch West Wing again (okay, that's me), go to bed, and do it all over again.

They live by default . . . living life on the factory settings . . . never asking the important question "What do I want?" 

If this is you, then you've come to the right place.  

I help you STOP and ask yourself PURPOSE-FULL questions, have PURPOSE-FULL conversations (with yourself and others), take PURPOSE-FULL actions and create a life that makes your heart sing.

So, are you ready?  I sure hope so!  

Download my free "90 Day Absolute YES! Worksheet"
Get clear on what matters and where to put your precious energy and attention!

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Hey There!


I help exhausted & depleted badasses, with a hunger for more, design a life so good they have to pinch themselves . . . even if they have no idea where to begin!

Ya'll, this was me!  Despite struggling with depression, being single with two special needs kids and being in a bad mood  a lot of the time, I have created a life that defies my imagination!

That's what I help my clients do!

If you're tired of waiting to have what you want, then lets get going.  Isn't it time to create more happy and less crappy?

I sure think so!

I like to say it this way . . . you can live your ideal life when you live On Purpose!


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If you're ready to get unstuck and move forward into the life you want, Cheri is the coach for you! I worked with her on some specific areas I was resisting and avoiding around my business. In short, I was good and stuck.


Cheri met me where I was during each session. She let me guide the direction, asked helpful questions and offered relevant insight. After working with Cheri, I feel like a barrier has been removed and I now have practical tools to self-coach the next time my resistances flare up and stuckness returns. Thanks, Cheri!

Kendall Bergman

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