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On Purpose!

Check these out!  Lots of freebies and opportunities for you

to design a "pinch-worthy" life, lead yourself and your

team and connect with other awesome folks!  

Start designing your life  RIGHT NOW! 

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Do you want to get clear about where to put your valuable energy and stop postponing your own happiness?  This little gem will help you do just that!

This simple, yet robust worksheet will help you ask the Purposeful Questions that will help you take the Purposeful Actions that will have you unstuck in no time!

You have some things you need to get done but your BIG BUTS get in the way?  Get this 30 video program and get your "buts" off the couch!  I guarantee you'll get moving like never before!

Want a handy workbook to help you begin TODAY to create the life you want?  This one takes you through the 7 Tenets of living your life On Purpose.  It's a like a handy recipe for create a life you love. And now, only $22.22!

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Do you listen to podcasts?  Well, even if you don't I invite you to check out mine.  Many are short  (20 minutes or less) perfect for a

quick walk.  Plus you'll hear some amazing guests who are so frickin' frackin' inspiring!

Check this out!  This is where you will find free mediations and guided journeys and PEP talks to help you get clear on what you want your life to be and much more.  We will be adding new audios, so stay in touch!

Check back soon so you can get this handy tool for the progressive and conscientious leaders who want to lead more ON PURPOSE!

Click here to find out about any and all upcoming events.  Right now, they are all virtual.  We have A LOT of events in the works.  Hey, if you want to stay in the loop, sign up for one of the freebies above and we will send you emails about the events.  

Did you know I have two books? 
They're my "old "BOOM Thinking" brand but we're
all constantly evolving, am I right! 
The info is still some good stuff.  Check them out!


BOOM Thinking

In "BOOM Thinking: The Gutsy Guide to Breaking Out of Old Mindsets," speaker/author/coach Cheri Britton challenges you to "get real" with yourself and transform challenges into opportunities. This step-by-step guide is not for the timid - Cheri puts you through the wringer with brutally honest self-assessments about what's not working personally and professionally, and why. Only after you're so uncomfortable you can't stay in your "velvet rut" will you begin to remake your life, says Cheri. With encouragement, insight and humor, you will see the real issues, defuse them, and create a whole positive, proactive, successful life that rocks your world.

Work But Off 3d.jpg

Work Your But Off!

What would it be like to have a smaller "but" in only 30 days? I know you have one. We all do. Those "buts" that drag us down. "I would do this . . . BUT." "I would do that . . 'BUT'." Aren't you sick of it? Wouldn't you like to quit whining and making excuses and do the things you want to get done? I've taken some of the most helpful tips and tools I use with my clients and put them all together in this easily-accessible workbook. Each lesson will give you one key idea and one task that will have you chiseling down your excuses and getting things done. Set aside a little time every day for the next 30 days and watch your life start to change. Do this program for the next month and soon . . . voila . . . your "but"s will shrink. I promise.

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