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Is your team kickin' it?

Are you having deeply connective, generative, conversations that lead to empowered problem solving? 

If not, you're missing out.  It's time to purposefully connect with your

people to bring out the best in the individuals and the collective. 

As a leader, do you feel the pressure to keep everything afloat, anticipate problems, and always have solutions?  If so, then let me tell you . . . you're doing it wrong. 


Effective leader doesn't put themselves way out in front of those whom they lead.  Instead, they turn TOWARD their people, cultivate the brilliance and drive in the room to create the best results possible. 

A good leader helps their team bring their "A" game to their job to create a win-win-win outcome.

Are you ready to:

  • model authentic humanness in the workplace to create a safe space for experimentation and innovation?

  • initiate conversations that have real substance?

  • unite your people around a common goal?

  • see the brilliance in all your team members

  • get fired up about what can happen as you crowdsource the wisdom in the room?

  • harness the brilliance that already exists in your organization?

  • are you ready to let go of what no longer is working and replace it with new, effective strategies?

Let me help you transform your people and your organization with the 3 Pillars of Purpose-Full Leadership: Purposeful Questions, Purposeful Conversations, Purposeful Actions.  




Let's hop on a call and explore how I can help you lead more purposefully!


In a time where employee engagement is at an all-time low, we must find a way to grow our people.  We do this with what I call the 3 Pillars of Purpose (recipe for building your team on purpose): Purposeful Questions, Purposeful Conversations and Purposeful Actions.  I use these three pillars to help you (and your team or community) connect deeply to solve problems through a whole-system, collaborative approach that focuses on strengths, expands thinking, breaks through blocks and establishes new routines. I offer you heartfelt accountability to help you thrive when the stakes are highest.

Click here if you're ready to discuss taking your team to the next level!

The 3 Pillars of Purpose-full Leadership

I help leaders in. . .

  • Health Care Organizations

  • Human Service Organizations

  • Non-Profit Organizations

  • Progressive Companies

  • Professional Associations 

to . . .

  • Generate conversations between members/attendees that lead to deep connection

  • Infuse content (learning) with conversation to accelerate learning

  • Move from a passive to active style of sharing information

  • Shift from 'sage on the stage' insight sharing to crowdsourcing wisdom

  • Create an environment of belonging and continuous building of communal capital

  • Solve business problems by moving from problem to possibility thinking

  • Build a culture of belonging and innovation

  • Create shared purpose / vision / values and bring their vision to life

  • Strategically convene their clients to create learning communities

  • Solve business problems by moving from problem to possibility thinking


by . . . 

  • Designing an agenda aligned with desired outcomes

  • Being your strategic partner up to and throughout the event

  • Facilitating the event(s) and managing back-end tech on Zoom

  • Measuring outcomes and sharing back wisdom / crowdsourced results with the group

  • Engaging the team in designing the event to ensure alignment with culture and strategy

Let's hop on a call and explore how I can help you lead more purposefully!


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