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Plan your Best Year Yet
3-Day Virtual Retreat For the Driven Entrepreneurial Woman
January 19-21  11:00 AM - 4:00 PM Eastern 

Are you already dreaming of all the things you'll accomplish in your business & life in 2024?  

Big or little . . . are there things you want to create, learn, let go of, plan for, make headway on, or mark off your list in the coming year?

I bet you know this already. . . if you don’t make a plan, nothing will change!

To go even further, did you know the sexy results we want only happen when we take often unsexy actions?


Results like:

  • Adding 1,500 subscribers to your list AND creating kick-ass arm muscles. 

  • Launching a new product line AND attending every one of your kid’s soccer games

  • Losing 30 pounds AND being a regular guest on podcasts in your industry

  • Opening a second brick-and-mortar location AND easily taking care of your aging parent

  • Offering retreats around the country AND cleaning out your cluttered basement

  • Hiring more staff AND prepare to run in the Turkey Trot Marathon on Thanksgiving of 2024

  • Doubling the number of clients you serve AND taking 6 weeks of vacation.

  • Writing your book AND building your wealth by buying a rental properties

  • Hosting a live event AND trying out for a part in your community theater’s next production

  • Starting your very own podcast AND living in a tidy, organized home

Most entrepreneurial women feel they can have one or the other . . . a successful business or a well-run, juicy life. But you can have both, my friend.

You can have both when you accept that all these VERY SEXY outcomes mentioned above are made up of tens or hundreds or perhaps even thousands of unsexy actions that you simply MUST do.

If you want different results in 2024, then you have to DO things differently.

And doing begins with a plan. And a businesswoman like yourself needs a plan that expands beyond the business. You need a plan that supports the life AND business you want.

That’s why I’ve created this retreat.

Three days on retreat at the first of the year to get Super Clear and Super Pumped to make 2024 the year you get your specific goals met.

Three days of inter-personal and interactive activities and learning that'll help you . . .

1. Get crystal clear on what you want in the coming year.

2. Lay out the various steps you will need to take to get the result you want

3. Anticipate your unique sabotaging behavior that has thwarted you in the past

4. Make a plan so you know exactly what to do when those behaviors show up

5. Do a deep dive into some of the most helpful ways we can have a productive and rich year like learning to Celebrate Success, Dealing with Grief so that the Light Can Shine In, and Setting Healthy Boundaries so that you and Your Needs stay at the Top of the List and More!

I've spent the last 20 years mastering the art and skill of creating a doable plan that keeps me engaged and gets me the results I want.  


In this 3-day virtual retreat, I share with you what I've learned and help you make a kick-ass plan for 2024! 

The Details:

This retreat will take place Friday, January 19th through Sunday January 21st from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM Eastern each day. 

Price:  Only $649 for all three days

Early Bird Price: $549 between November 28 - December 15

Special Holiday Pricing: $499 Black Friday Weekend (11/24-27)

It will be a wildly fun and interactive experience with laughter, movement, small group discussions, a robust workbook to help you plan your year, lively conversation, educational sessions, guest speakers on a variety of topics, goal setting, and personal connections with people all over the country (maybe even the world!)

The cost is $649 for all three days which includes attending live PLUS you’ll be sent the recordings of all three main stage experiences.

But there will be opportunities to pay less.

The cart opens on Friday, November 24th (Black Friday) when the price will be only $499 all weekend. This low price is only available on Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday so mark your calendar!

Plus the first 10 people to sign up and pay will receive an hour of customized coaching time with me between January and March 2024. 

But don’t worry there are more discounts to be had.

Buy your ticket between Tuesday, November 28th, and December 15th, and pay the early bird price of only $599!


  • Expert-Led Workshops: Sessions led by seasoned life coaches specializing in intentional living and business strategy.

  • Interactive Roadmap Creation: Hands-on assistance in creating a personal and professional roadmap for the year.

  • Peer Networking: Opportunities to connect with other like-minded female entrepreneurs.

  • Accountability Groups: Formation of small groups for post-event support and accountability, if you choose to participate.

  • Resource Toolkit: A comprehensive toolkit with templates, worksheets, and resources for life and business planning.

  • Personalized Coaching: Limited slots for one-on-one coaching sessions for personalized guidance.

  • Virtual Immersive Experience: Engaging online platform with live interactions to emulate an in-person workshop feel.

  • Follow-Up Support: Post-event check-ins to track progress and provide additional support.

  • Access to Recordings: Lifetime access to event recordings for all participants.

  • Holistic Approach: Special focus on managing the silent workload and integrating personal life with business demands.


  • Clarity of Vision: Gain clear insight into what you want from both your personal and professional life.

  • Strategic Planning: Learn to create a strategic plan that aligns with your life goals.

  • Work-Life Balance: Tools and strategies for balancing the silent workload with business responsibilities.

  • Community Support: Build relationships with other entrepreneurs who can offer support and understanding.

  • Actionable Steps: Leave the event with a concrete, actionable plan for the year.

  • Increased Productivity: Learn to manage your time and resources more effectively.

  • Empowerment: Feel empowered to make decisions and take control of your life's direction.

  • Continued Growth: Develop habits for continual personal and professional growth.

  • Enhanced Focus: Tools to help maintain focus on your goals and avoid distractions.

  • Personal Fulfillment: Pursue a life designed on purpose for greater satisfaction and fulfillment.

Here is what you'll get and why you want it! 

Business meeting



My time with Cheri has brought both insight and inspiration. I feel better prepared to step into my days knowing that I have the knowledge and confidence to get done what needs to be done!  

S. Hughes


Cheri is a master at holding group space! She comes prepared with a plan for the session and very easily adapts according to the groups needs as they come up. She intuitively reads between the lines of what people are saying about their challenges and ever so lovingly directs the conversation to a place of clarity and forward action. She gives the best tips or homework at the end of each call to empower you til the next session! I always look forward to hearing her nuggets of wisdom and funny stories she tells to illustrate a concept or empathize with a participant. I could go on & on. The biggest impact I've had working with Cheri has been to put ideas & concepts into action in my daily life through time management, daily practices, & getting back up on the horse each time I fall off. 

L. Evans

Cheri is a master facilitator and has a gift for helping you see what REALLY matters to YOU and how to make it a priority.  

D. Fake


C. Moors

Cheri's workshops are like a warm cup of tea on a rainy day - they just make you feel better! Cheri is masterful at facilitating and leading workshops. She is able to create a beautiful space where participants feel welcome and safe to explore whatever comes up. Cheri's workshops lead to real outcomes which have benefitted me in so many ways! And her wonderful southern charm, warm spirit, and beautiful soul only add to the experience!  GG. Brelesky

Cheri, Why do I need this retreat? 

Without a plan, most of us go through the daily grind in our business and in our life putting out fires, and taking care of the thing that is in front of us in the moment.  We largely REACT to our business. 

But with a plan, we CREATE our business.  We take daily actions that lead to the results we want.

Sure, even with a plan, life will throw you a curve ball or something that needs you to veer off course a bit, but you're quickly back on track if you have a plan.  

That plan is what you will have after our three days together!


No plan = Reaction.       Plan = Creation!



How is this retreat different?

Listen, there are a lot of coaches and consultants who can help you create a plan for your business.  But this retreat is different because we're expanding our focus to include your whole life.  This retreat recognizes the importance of business goals AND personal goals around relationships, health, and home as equally important. 

If you don't look at Life and Biz together one or both of them suffer.


Secondly, we will explore your life from 50K feet as well as make a plan on what you will do in a given week.  The big picture and the day-to-day objectives.  


Lastly, I'm going to share with you so many worksheets.  Worksheet I use every week, month, and quarter, and use MYSELF to keep me on track and designing my own delicious life!


Why is this about planning my life too?  Shouldn't I just be focusing on my biz? 

Oka . . . have you heard of this thing called the silent workload?  If you're a woman then it's likely you are doing SO MANY other things that I bet you don't even recognize.  From remembering when everyone would get their physical to sending out holiday cards, to grocery shopping, and on and on.  


One of my goals for this retreat is for you to see all of that figure out if you want to keep doing all those things AND then create a plan that's based on fact.


When we don't acknowledge this silent workload that puts pressure on us every day it gives us fodder to eat ourselves up.  Chances are you're doing 2 full-time jobs or more right now!



Why can't I do this for myself and skip the retreat?

I guess you can but chances are you'll. keep getting the same results you've always gotten.

If you're life and biz are exactly the way you want them, then skip this retreat.  But if you want more business success, more ease in your personal life, or have personal or business goals that you're tired of putting off, then you need to carve out time to make the plan.


Also, we women thrive in community and that is exactly what you will have during this retreat.  You will craft a plan within the retreat container where you will give and get support from entrepreneurial women just like you!   This community will do a lot of things for you; help quiet your inner critic, validate your ideas, fire you up, challenge you, and support you and your vision.  

So, while you can make a plan by yourself . . . this is a quicker, more efficient use of your time with guaranteed results!

So Cheri, who is this for?

This retreat is for you if you . . . 

• want a road map for 2024 that reflects your deepest desires for 2024 (both personally and professionally)

• have struggled in the past to make things happen. Perhaps you’ve made resolutions or set goals only to have them metaphorically collect dust by mid-February.

• have TONS of ideas but can’t seem to harness your energy or settle yourself enough to make a plan on what to do first

• if, in the past, you’ve frittered away the bleak mid-winter days and later regret that you didn’t make headway on your goals

• have never before made a plan ahead of time but realize that what you want will no accidentally happen without a plan.

• want a guide on the side to provide you the structure and tips how how to design your perfect year.

• love being a part of the community and thriving inside a container that supports you and your efforts to create the life that you want.

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