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How would
it feel to stop living by default and instead,
live your life

On Purpose?

Enter ... a coach

Working with a coach is both a brave decision and a no-brainer

Let’s start with the no-brainer part. 


We humans rarely change or move out of our comfort zone without some kind of prompting.  More often than not, that prompt is mental, physical or psychological pain.  This pain is a good thing!  It’s your wake-up call, baby!  P.A.I.N =  Please Acknowledge I’m in Need! 

A wise person knows getting out of what I call “the velvet rut” requires help; someone to throw you a tow rope or a ladder to climb out of your hole. 


A great coach is a guide, a sherpa if you will, who helps you decide where you want to go and guides you along the quickest and easiest path without falling to your death off the edge of a cliff or getting eaten by lions.

A great coach makes sure you see results.  I strive to make sure my clients get back 2 times to 10 times their investment! That doesn’t even count the mental and emotional improvements!


Now the brave part.  Change is uncomfortable.  Even when we desire a different set of circumstances, some part of us works to have us stay put.  Anyone who acknowledges their desire for things to be different AND hires a coach is truly a brave soul.  

Working with a coach means you have the help of someone who will shoulder through this discomfort with you as you get to the other side.  Most people don’t have what it takes to make these shifts on their own.  We can't see our own "stuff".   But those courageous souls who work with a coach have that kind of moxie and fortitude.  It may be hard to find in the moment, but coaching helps you find and use your Courage Muscle!  But you’ve got to be brave enough to step up in the first place.     

If you’re tired of waiting to feel like changing or you’ve tried

to shift things on your own and failed over and over,

perhaps now is the time for a transformational experience.

Woman in Field

Declare, Without Apology

What You Want

Release & Let Go

Of Whats Not Working

Take 100% Responsibility

For Everything

Know Your Big Why

Deep In Your Soul

Have a Crystal

Clear Vision

Of What You Want

Embrace the Mystery

Lean Into the Unknown

Create &

Navigate Tension

Live Just Outside Your Comfort Zone

How do you live your life on purpose?

The Purpose-Full Life Approach

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Stop living by default, letting one day bleed into another, not being who you were meant to be.

Designing and living the life you've always intended requires you to be intentional.  Like an architect, you're the visionary who must see what you want even before it exists. Then once you can fully imagine it, you must act your way into this new life.


This requires developing new habits and practices, setting boundaries for yourself and others.  It means you'll need to find your reserves of energy and moxie.  It requires self-reflection, gratitude, and occasionally tough love. 


Living On Purpose means you are purpose-full!

Is On Purpose Coaching for you?  Ask yourself . . .

  • Is there a vast chasm between where I am in my life and where I want to be?

  • Do I have a desire for things to be different?

  • Am I tired of spinning my wheels like a jeep stuck in the mud?

  • Have I had the same goals and desires on my "some day" list for a long time?

  • Do I want to give my own needs some attention but I feel I am at the beck and call of others?

  • Do I keep pushing that part of me that wants to come forward to the back burner?



If you've said yes to any of the above, answer these questions.

  • Do I truly want to change?

  • Am I ready to focus on my own desires?

  • Am I committed to discovering and dissolving obstacles?

  • Am I willing to stop making excuses for staying in the same place?

  • Am I ready to show up for myself On Purpose?

  • Am I prepared to change my habits?

  • Am I ready to be on the life changing path! 


If you answered yes, then you're primed

and ready for On Purpose Coaching!

Hire Cheri as Your Coach

A one-time

90-minute customized coaching session to help you get unstuck and moving. 

One-90-Minute On Purpose Life Coaching Session
Executive Coaching for Progressive Leaders

Executive Coaching is available in a variety of packages.  Schedule a Discovery Session so we can see what best meets your needs.

Live On Purpose, Results-Driven Coaching

Are you

  • ready for CLARITY on what is most important to you?

  • to RELEASE the busyness and instead take meaningful actions.

  • to be CONFIDENT both when you say Yes and when you say No

  • make indisbutable progress toward  your goals?

  • put your valuable time and energy toward what really matters?