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On Purpose!

Transform You, 

 Your Team,

I work with people in a variety of ways, from one-on-one coaching to facilitating organizational meetings to keynoting & speaking at conferences.  What are you looking for? 

Click the item below that you most need and lets discover how I can help you Live and Lead On Purpose!

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"I came to Cheri with a desire to make a decision I felt incapable of making. She asked me questions that led me to see the possibilities in a broader way, and she helped me ask myself the questions I wanted to ask to support this decision.


In our work together, Cheri used insightful tools and purposeful questions that helped me trust my gut, listen to my heart, and find some balance with leading with my head. I now have more clarity in knowing what I want and in seeing how I choose to live and be. My first experience with life coaching has been enlightening and constructive, and I look forward to working with Cheri again!"

Dr. Robert Richardson

Professor of Environmental Studies and Sustainability

at Michigan State University.

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