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Traveling with Headphones

Do you
need a little pep talk?

Sometime we all need a little boost, a pep talk or a reminder.  Something that's happening "between our ear" to help shift our energy and get us out of a funk and moving.  I LOVE to create these kinds of experiences.  Check back often because I plan to fill this page with short little audios that will kick your "buts", inspire you to action or rest, shift your mindset, or reach for a better feeling.  

If you've not listened to the Design Your Life on Purpose podcast, click here to get started!

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You Are Safe

You Are Safe

Reflection: You Are SafeCheri Honeycutt
00:00 / 09:42

In this meditation, I remind you that in this moment. . . the moment while you are listening to my voice. . . you are safe.  There is a lot going on in our world right now: worldwide pandemic, social unrest, economic uncertainty.  It's natural for these times to cause us to feel off our axis and fearful of what our future will look like.  While there is much in our world that is hard and challenging there is also so much goodness and beauty.  Listen to this when you need to acknowledge that you feel fear but you want to release that fear and replace it with optimism and serenity.

Audio: Ok to ber Happy

It's Okay to Be Happy When Other Aren't

It Okay To Be Happy When Others SufferCheri Honeycutt
00:00 / 03:36

In this pep talk/mediation combo I remind you that it's okay to pursue joy and happiness even when others can't.  But oh, it's so hard when we see and feel the world suffer.  Give this a listen to remind yourself that being happy HELPS the world!  Making your life the best it can be is good medicine for the world. 

One Thought Away

One Thought Away From a Different Result

One Thought Away From A Different ResultCheri Honeycutt
00:00 / 04:55

In this meditation, I remind you may likely be just one thougth away from having more of what you want.  Tweaking your thoughts and your feelings is often all it needs to start you down a different trajectory.  In fact, it's the ONLY thing that starts us down a different trajectory!  So if you're stuck and you need a kick in your "buts", I hope you'll give this a listen.  And come back as often as you need. 

Swirling in Overwhelm

Are You Swirling in Feelings of Overwhelm?

When You're Swirling in OverwhelmCheri Honeycutt
00:00 / 03:00

In this pep talk, I help you to calm your swirling mind and find the peace you're craving.  We begin by acknowledging your feelings and then, with no pressure, I help you breath into a more calm can centered place.  Listen, feeling overwhelmed is a common feeling for most of us.  The question is what do we do to move out of those feelings and cultivate a sense of clarity and peace. 

You CAN Decide

You CAN Decide!

You CAN DecideCheri Honeycutt
00:00 / 03:12

Indecision will keep you stuck, rob you of life force energy, and postpone your happiness.  So why do we allow ourselves to keep waiting to make a decision?  

The bottom line is that DECIDING feels hard.  It feels scary.  It feels permanent.  

In this short meditative pep talk, I help you step into your important decision and break out of your stuckness.  

Dealing with Fear

A Strategy to Deal with Fear

FEAR Find Evidence of Your Actual RealityCheri Honeycutt
00:00 / 06:10

What do you do when you're overcome with fear?  In this short talk, Cheri describes a strategy that came to her in a dark time of her own.  She describes how an acronym for the word fear popped into her head and has helped so many get grounded when they are overwhelmed with the feeling of fear.  FEAR: Find Evidence of your Actual Reality.  

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