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How do you live your life more

On Purpose?

“If you don’t go after what you want, you’ll never have it.
If you don’t ask, the answer is always no. If you don’t step forward, you’re always in the same place.”

Nora Roberts

What's the secret to a happy life?  Well, I won't be so bold as to tell you I've answered this $64,000 question all by myself.  But I will tell you what I've found to be true for me and those I've coached.  I have distilled from people far wiser than me seven important tenets that will help you . . . 

  • quit living by default, where one day bleeds into the next

  • stop blaming others for what's not working in your life

  • discover the source for authentic, inspired action

  • find the confidence to stick with things

  • stop spinning your wheels

  • bust through obstacles

  • allow miracles and magic to take place  


I think the key to creating your "pinch-worthy" life lies in these seven tenets.  

Take 100% Responsibility

For Everything

Have a Crystal Clear Vision

Of What You Want

Know Your Big Why

Deep In Your Soul

Declare, Without Apology

What You Want

Release & Let Go

Of Whats Not Working

Create & Navigate Tension

Live Just Outside Your Comfort Zone

Embrace the Mystery

Lean Into the Unknown

But how do you do that?  

One, often unsexy and uncomfortable, step at a time.

No one accidently walks into their ideal life.  We all show up with wounds (which are actually the pathway to our greatest learnings), expectations put on us by others (family, society or even who we used to be!) and if we're not careful our TRUE desires get lost.

So, we need a map.  We need a recipe.  We need thought joggers to keep us awake, aligned and attuned to what we truly want.  

That's what I believe these 7 tenets are.  Seven touchstones to keep us asking the purpose-full questions and taking purpose-full actions one beautiful step at a time. 

Are you ready to create

your life ON PURPOSE? 

If so, grab this workbook with questions and worksheets to

guide you through the

7 tenets.  It's time, my friends, to design the life you've always wanted!

Only $ 22.22!  

Purposeful Life Cover.png

Wanna go even deeper and faster? 

Are you tired of "waiting" for your life to be what you want it to be? 

Let's hop on a call and see if Purpose-Full Life Coaching is what you need.  


 Ask yourself . . .

  • Is there a vast chasm between where I am in my life and where I want to be?

  • Do I have a desire for things to be different?

  • Am I tired of spinning my wheels like a Jeep stuck in the mud?

  • Have I had the same goals and desires on my "someday" list for a long time?

  • Do I want to give my own needs some attention, but I feel I am at the beck and call of others?

  • Do I keep pushing that part of me that wants to come forward to the back burner?



If you've said yes to any of the above, answer these questions.

  • Do I truly want to change?

  • Am I ready to focus on my own desires?

  • Am I committed to discovering and dissolving obstacles?

  • Am I willing to stop making excuses for staying in the same place?

  • Am I ready to show up for myself On Purpose?

  • Am I prepared to change my habits?

  • Am I ready to be on the life changing path? 


If you answered yes, then you're primed

and ready for Purpose-Full Life Coaching!

Click here to schedule no-cost chat or click here

to keep reading to see what coaching with me looks like!

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