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We're delighted you want to be a part of the "Design Your Life On Purpose" Facebook Community.  This community is all about connection with others who, like you, want to create a beautiful life.  A life that makes their heart sing.  We can't wait to have you add your voice and your energy to the mix!

What to Expect:

  • Almost daily posts that ask questions, prompt you to action and give you tips for tweaking your life so you can stay on course. 

  • The Occasional challenge where we as a community cheer each other on in certain areas of our life.

  • Wisdom from other experts and thought leaders.

  • A mash-up of different kinds of post and daily focuses.  For example, we have "Weed It Out Wednesdays" where we clear the clutter (the magic in getting your energy moving!)  

  • Connection, connection, connection!  Since we're the sum total of the folks we hang out with the most, you'll wanna hang with the awesome people in this community.  All of us here want to live and love and laugh ON PURPOSE!

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