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Design Your Life
On Purpose

Coaching Group
Feb 19th!



I'm Cheri Honeycutt and I'm looking  smart women who are ready to stop being overwhelmed and are ready to make a plan for the juicy life they crave.

Is this You?

I bet you saw yourself living a happy life, perhaps quite different than the one you're living now. 

There are things you thought you'd have that just haven't come to be.  Now you're wondering if they ever will.


Sure, A LOT is going right in your life, even great!

You may have risen to the top of your career, or your health may be pretty good, or maybe you have a solid bottom line or a marriage that seems better than most.  


But despite all of the many things you have (and for which you're genuinely grateful,) there is dissatisfaction . . .  a discontent or sadness, that churns inside you. 

Image by Fa Barboza

A part of you knows there is more out there for you but most days you don't dare admit it too loudly.  

And secondly, you're not even sure what's missing, and if you did, you aren't sure how to go out and get it!  

I see you, dear one, and most importantly, I've got you.

Hear me . . . every day you normalize your unhappiness,

keep squishing together crumbs and pretending it's a cookie, feeling that deep sense of wanting draws down on your reserves of energy ~  energy you can't afford to throw away!

You deserve to be happy.  

You need to be happy.


You most certainly CAN be happy.  

You can design and live a life that makes your heart sing!!!  

I know this without a doubt.



Travel Diary
linda stout.png

"When I began the Purpose-full Life Coaching group, I was looking forward to this series of workshops with anticipation.  I had been feeling exhausted and not focused.  I still had 20 lbs. to lose to fit my dress for my retirement celebration; I had not found a way to commune in nature since I began using a wheelchair, and I needed to do more self-care.

On this journey I lost 21 lbs., I set up a meditation spaces outside around Grandmother Tree (over 200 years old) and build a golf cart road to my creek.  I ordered an accessible attachment to my tub so I can get in and out by myself.  I also got some clarity about what kinds of work (visioning/time management) I want to offer to activists during my retirement and other things I want to do.

I rediscovered a quiet time within myself for meditation, made my needs a priority. I also reinstated my rituals around tea. I also discovered the things I felt would give me joy and set out to make them happen, including nurturing old friendships and building new.


I found a new place of taking risk and have been making plans to travel to Amsterdam – a lifelong dream I had given up on.  I found a reawakening of things I really love to do:  flower arranging, growing flowers, etc.


I left behind my stuckness, and exhaustion, and found new energy to approach life with my heart-felt wishes. 


And now I’m in a place of eager anticipation for the future, clarity, and contentment I didn’t have before.  It all seemed jumbled and not clear before, and now I have a path." 

Linda Stout

But there's a catch.

You have to do this yourself. You have to do this FOR yourself.

No one can unearth your truth.

No one can make you happy.

This is an inside game and begins ONLY when you take 100% responsibility for your own happiness.

It begins and ends with you.


First you'll find your power and then find your voice.

That will lead you to your SPARK!


That spark will ignite the fire in your belly to do the important work of crafting a clear and enticing vision of the life YOU want. A vision of what will make YOU happy . . . not what culture said you should want.

Once you have that vision, with courage and curiosity, you'll find the clarity you need to know how to move forward. You'll get clear on who you are and how to channel the energy of the true you into purposeful and aligned actions.

This journey won't always be seamless and it will take effort.


But again, I've got you.

Shifting your thoughts, feelings, and actions will take effort but the effort will result in happiness that will be obvious to anyone who meets you.

By exploring purposeful questions and taking aligned actions you'll let go of what needs to be released and embrace the identity and the behaviors of who you truly are.

Living as the full expression of who you truly are will feel like coming home . . . even if it's a new way of being.


You won't be satisfied with the status quo and you'll be less afraid of change.


You'll have a greater sense of who you are and why you're here.


You'll build your courage muscle one rep at a time and find out just how powerful you truly are.

And hear me . . . this way of living will become your new normal. You will shift forever how you do your life.


Are you ready to let go of the status quo?


" I joined Cheri’s coaching group eager for change in my life. I was juggling a career transition, being a new(ish) parent and feeling like I didn’t have any time for myself and even if I did, how would I know how to figure out what I wanted or needed? I felt seen and supported and challenged by Cheri and was delighted at her unique blend of humor, grace, and tough love on top of her wide array of knowledge and skills.

Cheri doesn’t just talk her talk, she walks it and working with her is truly a gift. She will meet you where you’re at, offer you guidance on how to take your next step and be there to cheer you on along the way. After participating in her group I have more clarity not just on what I’m wanting but how to actually make that happen."

Melanie Losacco
Embodiment Coach & Therapist

Are you ready to have more happy and less crappy?

This program will make it so easy for you to design your ideal, happy life.

4 steps to MHLC.png


Here's how it will happen:

First, you'll find your powerful center . . . that cape-wearing part of you that owns that you can do anything you put your mind to.

Then you'll have, maybe for the first time, a crystal clear vision of what you truly want. You'll shed those shoulda-oughtas that people told you you should desire and replace them with what you authentical crave. You'll feel like a 350-pound weight has been lifted off your shoulders when you let go of outside expectations and embrace your version of your life.

Then in this program, you'll lay out the steps ~ the aligned and purposeful steps that will add up to the life you want. You'll be surprised that it could be so simple, and sometimes even boring, to have what you want. Who knew that such small shifts would make such drastic changes?

Lastly, this program will help you design simple and sustainable systems. After al,l we get what we want from routinely taking purposeful actions. Depositing $100 a month in an account quickly adds up, am I right? The same happens in our lives. So you'll have a plan for how to create yummy results, over and over and over.

I've been able to live my delicious life year after year with tried and true systems for monitoring my actions and outputs. From managing my home life to scheduling date nights and vacations to building my successful business.


Simple, sexy systems are the name of the game.

You can have the same results too!


"Deciding to take this course is the best thing I have ever done for myself! After decades of taking care of others, I was in a place where I had the time and the resources to put myself first. Over the years, I have seen my share of counselors and therapists but had never worked with a life coach. I knew that I needed to step out of my comfort zone and try something different. It was time.


Before this course, I felt stuck, overwhelmed, and unfulfilled. Sure, I still have days when I still feel that way but now with Cheri’s help, I have new tools and skills to support me. Cheri has many years of personal experience and a wealth of knowledge that she openly shares. She provides great resources and tools that helped me to dig deep within myself and do the hard work. When working with Cheri, I always felt safe and heard. Cheri, you are an amazing friend. Thank you for seeing my strengths and who I am. Thank you for helping me understand that I am enough just the way I am."

Rachel Xiques

Everything you'll get!

  • Twelve 2-hour Live Group Coaching Calls on Zoom (February 19, 26, March 5, March 19, March 26, April 9, 16, 23, May 7, 14, 28, June 4)

  • Four Co-workings sessions (TBD) on Zoom to help you get things done

  • Four Laser Coaching Sessions (TBD) on ZOOM ~ for on-the-spot individual coaching support

  • Private Facebook Group with 24-hour response to all of your questions

  • Integration Weeks where you buddy with another participant to go deeper into the material

  • A community of empowered, like-minded people.

  • Recordings of all of the calls on ZOOM

  • Comprehensive Participant Manual


PRICE:   ONLY $2500 OR 4 Payments of $625

Some Questions You May Have

My life is already pretty good ~ why should I consider this program?

Great question.  I have two things to say . .  . first, if you've read to this point SOMETHING has pinged you and I invite you to pay attention to that.  Secondly, most of my clients can point to a lot of things that are going well in their life but those things don't make up for the things that are not working or are missing entirely.

Try on this metaphor.  It's like you're hiking a mountain trail.  You see the lovely vistas, and you get a bit of exercise but there is a damn rock in your shoe.  With every step you take, you feel the subtle pain that takes just a bit of joy from the experience.  

Now the more you hike, the more pain you have in your foot.  This rock is beginning to suck the joy out of your time in nature.  

You're still in a stunningly beautiful place but you're not able to enjoy it because you're foot hurts and you're too busy worrying about how bad it's going to hurt on the second half of your walk.

This is really what it's like for many of us.  We have some things that are going well but we simultaneously have things (or things are missing) that rob us of the kickass life we truly want.  

In this program, you're gonna sit down for a bit, take your shoes off and get rid of that rock!  You're going create a life where you can truly jump for joy!



I'm already so busy, how can I possibly add one more thing?

So true.  I'm sure you are busy.  But what if I told you that you and ONLY you can find or make time for your happiness?  What if I told you that the time you spend ON yourself FOR yourself is perhaps the most important thing you could EVER do?  I bet you know this BUT it doesn't address your concern about time, does it?  


Because I can't. 


I can invite you to explore a few questions:  What things, if any, are you doing for your own self-care . . . things that truly nourish you?  What might change within you if you were to give yourself this gift of time?  Do you freely give it to others but hesitate to give it to yourself?  If so, what's it mean that you can't give it to yourself?  I don't ask this to shame, just prompting you to dig deep.  


A plant can only go so long without water.  A car can only run so long before it needs an oil change or new tires.  Is it time you give yourself this same level of care?  

Will this be a safe place? I don't know if I will be comfortable sharing my stuff with women I don't know.

First, everyone who comes into a coaching container with me can share (or not share) at a level that feels right for them.  There is never an expectation that you should bear your soul to strangers. (But trust me . . . in this container, you will not be strangers for long!)  

Secondly, creating a safe space, complete with ground rules, is my #1 goal.  When expectations are clearly spelled out, I've not had anyone break these covenants.

Lastly, a powerful group hinges on the willingness of its participants to share SOME things.  If this is something you don't feel you can do, perhaps 1:1 coaching would be a better fit.  A group coaching experience is NOT for everyone. 


I have never done something like this. What if I hate it?

Well, if you hate this experience or deem it not a good fit it after attending the first two sessions, you can hop out of the group for a ffull refund  You will know by that time if you like my style as a facilitator and if you feel comfortable with the group. 


If you madecideo leave after two sessions, you can decide no longer participate, but there will be no refund or you will still owe the remainder of your payments.  You can apply your purchase amount to 1:1 coaching if you like.

I've never spent this kind of money on myself ~ I just don't do that.

This is a big one for some women.  I've had many clients grapple with spending any money at all on their own development.  Sheesh!  This still happens to me, from time to time.  

What I can say is that coaching is one of the best things I've EVER spent money on IN MY LIFE!  What I've gained in coaching groups and the like has shifted the trajectory of every single aspect of my being: my self-perception, my earning potential, my romantic life, and on and on.

PLUS, simply the act of making your desires a top priority shifts you.  I invite you to dig deep and find the place within you that knows you are worth this expense AND SO MUCH MORE!!!

There are a lot of coaches out there ~ why should I trust you to help me?

Great question.  I'm one of a ba-zillion coaches out there.  Let me point out a few things.

1.  I've been coaching since 2002 . . . very early on in the evolution of coaching.  I've been around the block a few time!  


2.  I've studied human behavior for even longer.  

3.  I walk my talk.  What I offer in this group is not only from what I've learned at the knee of other thought leaders but one I've walked myself.  I've had to design my life on purpose  . . . and I still do!


4.  A coaching relationship is personal and not every coach fits every person.  So, YOU must decide if you feel you can trust me or not.  As for me, I am committed to being worthy of your trust.  

Not sure if this is right for you?


Let's have a chat and I will answer all of your questions.  No hard sell . . . but I will help you decide!  Being in limbo is no fun, so let's hop on a call and I'll help you find your truth . . . whether it's yes or no!  Click here to get on my calendar.

Relaxing on Hammock

From the moment I met Cheri, I have always been intrigued by her work and her passion for it.

The last few years I’ve had the highest highs, and quite a few lows. And through this, I had begun to feel lacking; in myself for not being enough, and in my life… Knowing it could be more. I’ve always read Cheri‘s posts, and listen to quite a few of her podcasts. I felt each one left me with a little “morsel” for the day. When I saw this class, I knew I needed to do it for me. I was a little nervous because I had never done anything like this before, but if I was going to do it, it was going to be with Cheri!

I am so grateful that I did. I’ve gotten so much more than I was expecting! I also made a few new friends along the way, and deepened existing friendships.

I learned a lot about myself over the weeks; some I knew I needed to work on, and a few surprise ones. But the really great thing was that I learned ways to handle it better, or make it easier, less stressful.

It was such a great experience, and I feel that it has opened up a new way to look at things. One thing is for sure… This is something that will benefit me for the rest of my life!
Thank you Cheri! Here’s to the opening of eyes!!

Michelle Lloyd

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