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Jen Kohler

Transformational Healer and Coach


Jen helps teachers, coaches, healers, and light leaders on the rise integrate, create energetic boundaries, come home to themselves, and activate their innate power by listening to the deep knowledge of their bodies through Divine Purpose Blueprints, Energy Work (Reiki + Shamanic work), Mindfulness, Bodywork, Conscious Coaching, Tarot, Numerology, and Universal Laws.

Jen leads with her intuition and is a Master Energy Healer/Teacher in love with facilitating change in the frequency of the planet. Jen is very tuned in to the energy around her and can help you cultivate energetic, emotional, and SELF-mastery.

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Imperfect Transcript

Speaker: Cheri Honeycutt  00:01

I'm excited. Oh my goodness, I'm excited that might have even just recorded. I'm excited. I'm kind of pumped. I feel like I've had five cups of coffee and really the only thing I've done is log on and look at my dear friend Jen Kohler’s face on this screen that we're getting ready to do this podcast. Good morning, Jen.


Speaker: Jen Kohler  00:23

Good morning.


Speaker: Cheri Honeycutt  00:24

How are you?


Speaker: Jen Kohler  00:25

I am so well. I'm really also very excited to see your face.


Speaker: Cheri Honeycutt  00:30

I know, it's so good. Jen is I want to say she's a new friend. We met at a retreat a couple of months ago but you know, when you meet somebody and you're like oh, the hearts connect and everything out of their mouth is like oh yeah, sit by me. That’s how I felt when I met you girlfriend.


Speaker: Jen Kohler  00:52

I felt like I had known you for all of time.


Speaker: Cheri Honeycutt  00:58

Yeah, Cue I roll for folks who don't believe that but I believe it right. We may have known each other for all of time. So, when I started to have folks on here and when you're at retreat or when you meet somebody and you have these stories, one of the things I know about you Jen well, I don't know the details. I know that you've been on a path, your life and there's been times where there's been things that maybe weren't going the way you wanted to and then I have seen and heard your stories, how things are blossoming. And that's exactly what we talked about on this podcast, how do you wake up or how do you row your boat over into the part of the river that you want to be in and that's what I think you're doing right now.


Speaker: Jen Kohler 01:40

I'm I agree with you 100%. I have not always been awake and I have always been a very spiritual being but I was very lost and confused I would say.


Speaker: Cheri Honeycutt  01:55

Hmm, okay, so I want you to go there. Tell me what does that mean, lost and confused?


Speaker: Jen Kohler 02:01

So my life like I grew up in California and my family moved every two years, I didn't have a home. I wasn't in the military. My dad was not in the military but we moved every two years of my life. And so the older I got, the more solitary I became and the less I felt at home in myself. I felt alone, I felt like I didn't belong. And that is really so important in the work that I do today because I desperately wanted to belong. I desperately wanted to feel like I was part of something and so as I got older and I didn't feel like I belonged, I sort of made that my story I don't belong, right. And so, I walked through life and what I've really discovered was in that not belonging and not feeling like I had a home was that I really pushed people away. So, Q abandoned before I became abandoned right?


Speaker: Cheri Honeycutt  03:12

Right, yeah. All those things that's coming to mind self-fulfilling prophecy or whatever you've heard about sort of you created the very thing you were afraid of which we know that that's how it works right? What we focus on is what we create.


Speaker: Jen Kohler 03:26

I had friends and all of those things but like I also never felt like I belonged. And I came online five years ago, six years ago and I really started to work on that and as I started to work on that, I found my home within myself and I know that sounds so cheesy but it's really what happened is that I actually decided that I was my home and I decided that I was going to change that story and I'm still in the process of that. I mean, I have a beautiful tribe of women around me and I do belong and I really just know that I am safe in my body and I'm at home in my body. Look I'm wearing red today right.


Speaker: Cheri Honeycutt  04:16

Yeah, you're like vibrant home in my body. So, Jen do this for me. I want to go if you can to the time right before the five or six years ago. What happened that whopped you upside the head or got your attention or what happened that made you do this searching and landing where you are now? What went on?


Speaker: Jen Kohler 04:41

Well, I did a lot of seeking, I did a lot of traveling, I did a lot of wandering, I wandered around the world. I traveled all over the world looking for myself, looking for my truth, looking for my partner. I moved to California and I lived on a commune. I mean I did all sorts of really fun things and I was always this solitary being. I met my husband and we decided that we wanted to have a baby. And in that decision, I made a decision, my body did not cooperate. And for seven years Bill and I tried to have a baby and this is the thing that walked me upside the head. I was so desperately depressed and sad that I couldn't have a baby. And so, I had to really dive in and dive deep to in loss, there was so much loss, there was so much loss of me being a mother and feeling like I couldn't give my family a baby or give my husband a baby or give myself a baby. Like I had so much story around all of this. And so, for seven years, we tried to have a baby and we went to doctors and you know I mean, yada, yada, yada. Like I went through all of the things right and what I really came to was a sense of trust in my body and a sense of faith that I didn't have [inaudible 06:23].

So, in the loss I realized that we have to have faith. And if we don't have faith then we don't really have, if you don't have faith that there's something greater than you, if you don't have faith that there's something bigger than you, God, universe, creator then what are we here for. And so, I've really started to dive into that spirituality piece of myself and that's my awakening in the loss


Speaker: Cheri Honeycutt  06:51

In the loss so that is I don't want to call it necessarily a universal story but it's certainly a common story that it's in our pain, it is in that part of that squishiness or tightness or denial or grief or something we can't have then it wakes us up and it's some kind of pain. I have a little acronym for PAIN(Please Acknowledge I'm in Need) P.A.I.N. And when we have that pain, we just go okay, what is it I need and you really listen to that it sounds like and in that loss. Now, I know you have a child now, how did all that turn out?


Speaker: Jen Kohler 07:37

I do. I had an ectopic pregnancy which landed me in the hospital and in all sorts of procedures and all sorts of problems. And then my doctor said, we're going to have to do IVF if you want to have a baby. And so, a miracle happened. We had this insurance plan that allowed us to have a small amount of our IVF paid for. So, $100,000 procedure became 40,000 and then my parents helped us. So, we had three embryos put in and we say that the one ate the other. So, we got the most brilliant, the most gigantic, big huge baby on the planet. He was [inaudible 08:25] and I have my kid and at 40 I had a baby.


Speaker: Cheri Honeycutt  08:30

Oh my gosh, I know. And he's adorable and just he's a vibrant when I see his pictures on the book face then I just see the joy of you all. So, I'm just thinking as folks who are listening to this that there may be part of them who are still in that place of, I can't have what I want and I bring people on these podcasts and they sort of tell you the story of the happy ending. I want people to really hear seven years and not as something laborious or depressing. But it takes time to shift and grow into our new way of being and being conscious like oh, I don't want that anymore. I want something else. And so now Jen tell us where you are now because I know you've brought this into your professional life. It's not just how you live your life. Tell us more what you do.


Speaker: Jen Kohler 09:29

So I want to bring in this idea of persistence and I believe that this is the life of an entrepreneur. As a spiritual entrepreneur, you cannot do this life or this business without persistence. And I believe that is the gift that life gave me and taking seven good years to get here, right?


Speaker: Cheri Honeycutt  09:57

Yeah, you had to stay up on that like keep going.


Speaker: Jen Kohler 10:01

I had to fail, over and over and over and over again and I had to learn how to continue on. And I had to learn how to decide to have a happy life regardless. I had to decide that my needs mattered regardless. I had to decide that I was going to persist and live a good life regardless. And so that is the gift that life gave me and it really is the gift that God gave me and it's the gift of my business because I never quit. I consider daily quitting my business. Entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart.


Speaker: Cheri Honeycutt  10:51

No, it is hard. It can be really hard but you don't quit.


Speaker: Jen Kohler 10:56

No, I persist because I know that my message is important and I know that each next loving step that I take and when I really, truly listen and I truly have faith and trust that the universe is telling me what I am supposed to be doing. And I listen to my body and I listen to that universal sound, that is when I get on your podcast, that is when I go to a retreat and meet you, that is when I go and find a new way of partnering right. So, when I partner truly with source energy, I know that my next loving step is always the right step and that is that persistence and that is my business. I mean that is what I do so yeah, that's what that brought me to.


Speaker: Cheri Honeycutt  11:44

Oh my gosh, so true transparency here okay. I'm an entrepreneur as you know, a business owner and I believe everything you just said and I want you to know there are days, it feels like almost every day, I'm like tap into source energy. Can I trust what I'm getting? I mean, do I trust it? Do I know it? Is that really what I'm supposed to be doing? I mean this is not my first rodeo. I will tell you there are days that that doesn't come easily for me. Do you find that in your work that it sounds easier than it is? You're laughing!


Speaker: Jen Kohler 12:23

Oh, no, it's all rainbows and unicorns, Cheri.


Speaker: Cheri Honeycutt  11:44

It’s rainbows and unicorns.


Speaker: Jen Kohler 12:31

I'm a Reiki Master Teacher. I've been a Reiki Master Teacher for about 20 years and so mastery has been a long 1000s and 1000s and 1000s of hours of process, right and so no, it does not come easy. I don't think that's like part of my path. Part of my path is that I continue to persist through all of it right? And so, my business I get up every morning and I tap into that source energy and I ask my body, body, are you ready to come along today and what is my next best step? And I decide every single day that today is going to be a good day. And some days are harder than others but I would say the majority of my life is joyful and blissful and I truly am happy. And I think that is the mastery, the emotional mastery, the energetic mastery, the self-mastery that comes along with the work of 20 years of doing this work for so long and really diving in and not really just giving myself an out to not be in it every day. I choose [inaudible 13:46]


Speaker: Cheri Honeycutt  13:49

Every day and gosh, that's what my work is about. It’s realizing that we have the choice and in fact, if we're not choosing, we are choosing even by not choosing, do you know what I mean? We’ve got to choose to show up. All of a sudden, I have a background noise. Can you hear the background noise?


Speaker: Jen Kohler 14:10



Speaker: Cheri Honeycutt  14:11

Okay, maybe it's spirit just making me hear my own words twice in a row. Who knows?


Speaker: Jen Kohler 14:17

Spirit like listen up Cheri.


Speaker: Cheri Honeycutt  14:19

Listen up, Cheri. I'm talking to you girlfriend. So, I was talking to Joy Kingsborough someone who you and I know together. I just mentioned it on here, her phenomenal work. And we were talking about those good days and those bad days and the differences when we have a bad day, we just remember that there's still nothing wrong with us on those days. There's still nothing to be fixed. It's just a low energy day. It's just a thing and not make it into a big, huge, gnarly oh, I'm off the track or oh my gosh, I've failed again. It's what we tell ourselves about what's going on in our life. Would you agree?


Speaker: Jen Kohler 15:02

Yes, I agree. 100% and I have been working with Joy for a long time and she has been a longtime mentor for me and definitely has really helped me to see myself and I love Joy, yes. So, I do think

that we do have choice. I think that when we wake up each day, we make it what we need to make it and I love your design your life on purpose. It's like so exactly what I want to do every day.


Speaker: Cheri Honeycutt  15:35

Yeah! I don't know if you and I have talked about this specifically, but my belief that the number one thing to living a happy life is to take 100% responsibility for your life and that doesn't mean it's easy. But when you really accept the power and the responsibility for your own life and you're not at the whim and whimsy of the whatever, your uterus or a pandemic or genetics or politicians or your neighbors or the scales or your bank account, whatever then that's where happiness resides.


Speaker: Jen Kohler 16:23

Yeah, I remember very clearly the day that I took radical responsibility for my life. I was walking down the streets in Fort Collins, Colorado where I lived and it was a beautiful day. And I all of a sudden had this like, total full body epiphany that no one was coming to save me. And I had to sit down like I found a bench and I was like started crying and I was like oh my God, no one is coming to save me. And I realized the government is not coming to save me, my parents weren't coming to save me, no knight in shining armor was coming to save me, the bank wasn't going to save me from the horrible debt that I had created, the horrible mess that I had made of my finances. Nobody was coming and I realized that it was me that I was here and I had to do it and my life changed in that moment. It was a life changing life altering moment where I realized that I had to take radical responsibility for all of my behavior good or bad and not judge it and just know what it was and then move forward. And I mean, it really changed everything in my life and I got my finances in order and I've got myself together and my life changed in that moment.


Speaker: Cheri Honeycutt  17:54

Brilliant! Imagine waiting for somebody to come and we already know they're not. But imagine just sitting there waiting for eons and it's like oh man, nobody's coming. I said to someone yesterday. I'm like you know, I used to when I was single, I would peek through the [unsure 18:12] and see if there was a man on a white horse and nope, so go empty your own trash girlfriend, you're on your own. But you know, we still look, we want to be rescued. It's a romantic notion but we can rescue ourselves.


Speaker: Jen Kohler 18:29

Well, we're so conditioned, right? I mean, it's like you'd literally said the knight in shining armor on a white horse like that is not real. And we can have a partner and they are not here to rescue, they are not here to save us. It’s not their job.


Speaker: Cheri Honeycutt  18:43

In fact, if someone comes and says to here to rescue you, run. You don't want to be in relationship with that person. So, talk to me about wealth consciousness and healing and stuff you're creating.


Speaker: Jen Kohler 19:01

This is an exciting conversation. I believe that we as healers particularly so healers, mentors, coaches, the people who are here to help, the therapists, all of those folks. I believe that we really and truly deserve to make a good living. And I was a massage therapist and a Reiki practitioner and I tapped out at about $25,000 a year and I was burnt out and guess what? You cannot live on $25,000 a year folks. That is actually poverty. So I was living in poverty and my husband also had a job that wasn't paying him well enough and we were in debt up to our eyeballs. And I kept doing this work thinking there's got to be more. There's got to be more out there that I can work with and I can do and I want to keep helping people. I don't want to do something that I'm not aligned with.

So, I started really tapping into my money mindset. And so, it started with my mind right and then I realized that money and wealth is actually a currency, it's an energy. And I know that people say that and it sounds woo-woo but it's true and when we really start to open ourselves up to the frequency of wealth which is an actual frequency just like the frequency of love or the frequency of bliss, the frequency of joy. When we move out of fear and anxiety and we move up the emotional scale to these higher frequencies, we can actually align with the frequency of wealth and really your wealth just becomes easier, it just starts to flow. And I really do think it’s about body, it's about your mind, it's about your spirit. It's about releasing those stories and forgiving; it's about taking radical responsibility. So, I have a program called embodying wealth that I have been working on and creating and getting the courage to like actually put it out there because who am I to talk about money? Well, who am I talk to talk about money?


Speaker: Cheri Honeycutt  21:23

How dare you not girlfriend?


Speaker: Jen Kohler 21:25

I was totally living in poverty and I am not any longer. My business is making six figures, I am like killing it. I'm killing it and I'm also totally relaxed and calm and doing really well in my emotional system. So, when I think about wealth consciousness, I like can’t wait for people to wake up to the fact that they are actually the creators of their lives, right? When we talk about healing, we start to move beyond the healing and we start to recognize that we can create whatever we want. It's the universal law, it's law. It's is the universal law of correspondence, right? We are able to look outside of ourselves and say oh, I don't really like what I'm looking at right now. It's time to come in and do the inner work because our inner landscape is reflected in our world outside of us, right. And so, when I started to realize that I looked outside of myself I don’t really like what I'm seeing right now. Time to do some work and [inaudible 22:41] this wealth consciousness concept.


Speaker: Cheri Honeycutt  22:37

I'm so glad you shared that story because you shared with me the part about poverty and the Medicaid and those pieces which was concrete data that you were living. There was not a healthy exchange of monetary of what you were putting out in the world and you had settled for that we'll use that language, that may not be the word you use. But then you did this shift and again, not overnight. Maybe it's something that's simple but not easy and again, I guess it could be easy if we decided it was.


Speaker: Jen Kohler 23:16

I actually it was another overnight moment for me.


Speaker: Cheri Honeycutt  23:20

Was it?


Speaker: Jen Kohler 23:21



Speaker: Cheri Honeycutt  23:22



Speaker: Jen Kohler 23:22

With joy.


Speaker: Cheri Honeycutt  23:23

Phenomenal. Yeah, with joy. Well, it's one of those things that I say and you can push back on this if you don't agree with me but in one of my trainings, I'll say do you ever know anybody who quit smoking [unsure 23:33] and people will raise their hand and obviously, I don't know that they did. I bet you that they tried many times, just never voiced it. You know what I mean? And so, there are moments that are all along, you hear podcasts, you run into a friend, you see a book title, you see a meme, you see another podcast and these are leading us all the way sometimes to these moments where we shift. It's why our daily diet of what we see and who we hang out with and what we rate are so important, right?


Speaker: Jen Kohler 24:03



Speaker: Cheri Honeycutt  24:04

Then all sudden, we wake up and we go oh my God, I'm not that person. I've changed. And that's how I interpreted your story when you shared it with woody when we were in Arizona that it was seemingly overnight but you've been doing the work.


Speaker: Jen Kohler 24:18

Oh, it's an overnight story in five years.




Speaker: Cheri Honeycutt  24:22

Like Cheri said it took 10 years to become an overnight success. So yeah, but having said that then all of a sudden, you can awake and you open up and you go here's where I am. You've got a six-figure business, you've got not a frenetic crazy running around like a chicken with your head cut off business, calm, aligned, empowered, spiritual. And what I also hear Jen is that you don't spend a lot of time going how. You just go what's the next question?


Speaker: Jen Kohler 25:03

What’s the next most loving step that I can take in my business and then I listen and that really started for me when I really started to recognize that I was source energy and I knew that and that I was source energy in a body but it was an overnight moment where someone joy came to me like I'm on fire today. I want to talk about this and she really like helped me to see that I am source, that my husband is source and that you are source and it just gave me life but also that money is source. Money is source energy and if I am source energy and money is source energy then aren’t I money? I am the frequency of wealth and it shifted everything for me. It really was my shifting moment. Now yes, I have done all the work that had gotten me to [inaudible 25:54]


Speaker: Cheri Honeycutt  25:53

Yeah, but then it all [inaudible 25:53]


Speaker: Jen Kohler 25:56

Just all unfolded and I really realized that if I really listened and I really do take my next best step, even if it seems crazy. Like I went to Disney World during a pandemic and paid all in cash. And I mean, the whole thing was so amazing. I was like I'm crazy. I'm a crazy person. What am I doing? And we had the best time and my business has been thriving since I took my kid to Disney World because I know that it helped me to feel luxury and bodied. It helped me to have fun and when we're having fun, we raise our vibration. When we raise our vibration, we're more aligned with the frequency of wealth.


Speaker: Cheri Honeycutt  26:42

Absolutely! I'm just like nod my head. Amen, sister. So, I want to shift gears a little still on the same thing but numerology and I will confess I'm newer to numerology, I'm attracted to it, I'm broadening my understanding of it. This is something you know a lot about and you use it as part of your spiritual practice. And then when we logged on before we start hitting recording, I heard her over there shuffling cards. And I've already pulled out like a tarot deck I'm like can we pull a card today but I'm going to talk to the listeners about numerology and then maybe let's do something with that. Do you mind?


Speaker: Jen Kohler 27:30

Yeah, so I actually started learning numerology through learning Tarot. So, your Tarot spot on with that numerology because they're so interconnected. So yeah, really the tarot really came from this numerology. So, when you see the numbers on a card like a numerological card or I mean like on a tarot card, there's a ton of numerology within all of that and that's actually how I started to learn numerology was I started to study Tarot.

So, as I started to study the Tarot, I started to memorize the numbers and to be like oh, the five means change, course correction, yada, yada, right. And so, I started to memorize what that number meant. And then I would look at the card and know that there was some sort of a numerological meaning behind the tarot card. I've since learned actual like we call it quantum numerology, practical numerology and now I've done advanced numerology. So, numerology is really the way that the universe speaks to us. It's all in code, right? Then you see the numbers you see 444 constantly, right? And if you've ever looked online like gosh, I wonder what that 444 means. If you look online, it'll tell you angel numbers, the angels are looking out for you. And I love that, actually and it's one of the things that really showed up for me in my awakening was number started talking to me, you'll see 1111 right. What is 1111 mean? It's like a portal into a different universe into a different timeline. It's really asking you to step into another higher self, another aspect of yourself. Are you willing, are you open, are you ready to like step into a higher version of you?


Speaker: Cheri Honeycutt  29:20

Can I just jump in and tell you something real quick here? Can I jump in? I just decided to offer a workshop on 1111. I had no idea this minute that that's what that meant. I'm gob smacked. Yeah, on some level I knew it had great literation 1111. Okay, keep going. I just had to throw that in sorry.


Speaker: Jen Kohler 29:52

So we really start to see that when people are really starting to wake up that is actually a big aspect is that you'll start to see numbers on the clock. You'll start to see numbers in different places, maybe you'll see them on license plates, okay? But the numbers will have a specific meaning. And when you start to really understand the meaning of the numbers, we start to embody them and you start to sort of understand what each number means. And so, like we can talk about your numerology from a blueprint or a personality standpoint. We really understand ourselves through numbers and this is how I've really learned how to know myself is by understanding what my numbers are and what my blueprint literally looks like because everything is really coded, okay? Now, I'm a number four so I am the emperor. I am stable, I am a leader, I am foundational, I am safe, I am secure. I'm a natural born leader. Now, if you would ask me that five years ago when I got my first blueprint, I was like you got the wrong person.


Speaker: Cheri Honeycutt  31:07

You did the math


Speaker: Jen Kohler 31:08

Just step into that leadership role. But really, when I started to understand that that was what I was born to do, that it was what I was born to be, I started to embody it. And I would say really silly things I am the emperor and like I would walk around my house like yeah, I'm a leader like it really helped me to step into a leadership role and to really know. So, we can really see our core personalities and our numerology. There's something called arrows that we start to look at. So, there's like different personality traits that people can exhibit. So, if I'm a four and you're a 4 remember what your number is oh you are a 3. So if I was a four and you were a four, we would have different arrows, there would be different things that would set us apart from other fours. So not all fours are exactly the same. We might have similar traits and patterns but there's going to be differences. So you're the three, you're the empress


Speaker: Cheri Honeycutt  32:11

I’m the Empress


Speaker: Jen Kohler 32:12

And I am actually a number Empress. So I'm the Empress and the Emperor, masculine and feminine. It just helps us to know ourselves. So, this is one of the things I love most about numerology is that you get to really understand how you walk through the world and it helps you to understand your karma and your dharma and so your life path, why are you here? I mean, don't we know why we're here? Numerology gives you a really clear indication of what you were coded to do on this planet. Why you are here, what lessons you're meant to learn? Are you here to be love? Are you here to be a spiritual being and help the people to learn something very specific? Are you here to learn how to be the Empress? Are you here to learn how to receive? Are you here to learn how to x, y and z, have courage, whatever that looks like, right?

So we [inaudible 33:14] our strengths and our perceived weaknesses and it's really a beautiful way to really understand you. So to know thyself is everything. When you know yourself, you're able to walk through the world in a more authentic way and these are not going to be surprising things for you generally. When you look at your numbers and someone reads them to you, you're going to be like I see myself. It's like witnessing. It's so cool.


Speaker: Cheri Honeycutt  33:43

Absolutely. You know, just was thinking about I've always loved sort of those assessments from the Cosmo quiz to the more you know but really, I mean I love to go to psychics. I love things that really help me see me and often there's not huge surprises but there's some validation and there's some confidence you gain from hearing it come back to you of who you are and then also say for me as I'm scratching the surface of numerology for myself and it says to me, you are creative and expressive and I'm like I am, I know that about me and I'm here to do that because the numbers even align with that. So, there's this confidence you get from hearing your numerology. I don't know about you but I cannot.


Speaker: Jen Kohler 34:34

I'm sorry, I totally interrupted you.


Speaker: Cheri Honeycutt  34:38

That's okay. That's what we do. It's all good. What were you about to say? It shows you what?


Speaker: Jen Kohler 34:41

It shows you your potential and the possibility of your life and that's what numerology does. It's like it really shows you what's possible in your life.


Speaker: Cheri Honeycutt  34:57

So just for kicks and giggles and just for listeners let's do a card or let's do something with numerology. What feels exciting to do, what's something that we could do here?


Speaker: Jen Kohler 35:07

Here's how I'm going to do. I'm actually going to do a combination of the Tarot and the numerology because I think it will resonate deeply with that and it'll feel fun. So, what I'm going to do is I'm going to just do a reading for our listeners right now like who is listening to us. What messages want to come through for the people who are tuning in to us? Like, we can feel that energetically, right? We know that there's going to be a certain person who's coming to listen to Cheri and Jen. Who is this person and what do they need to hear? This message is a universal method. So I am like a universal channel, I'm conscious channel and so I usually read for the collective. It's something that I am able to tap into pretty easily and something that I've been doing for the past few years is called the daily pulse. And the daily pulse is where I tap into the universal consciousness and I tap into the numerology of the day and I receive messages. So that's what I do every day and there is actually a pulse of the universe, there's a pulse of the planet and I am going to tune into it and so this is how I read.

Okay, so we're going to read, what's top of mind, what we want and what we need. Oh, love it. That's how I always start every Tarot session. Oh, I love it. What are you going to say, what's going to happen? Okay, so our first card is temperance, what is top of mind for the people who are watching this?


Speaker: Cheri Honeycutt  37:02

Say it again, what it is?


Speaker: Jen Kohler 37:03

It’s temperance. So there's this feeling of alchemization, there's this feeling of being on a journey okay. And on this journey, they, they want you to know that you are halfway through right, you're like in a midway point right now and it's a really nice time for you to take a cool rest. So, we have an angel here in this card so there's like this angelic presence in the card. So, there's an angelic presence with you. Actually, that's the second angel reference I think that we've said today. And so really paying attention to the messages that want to come through for you.

There's also this feeling of bringing your masculine and feminine into alignment. So, recognizing that you are whole, recognizing that you're already whole, you don't have to worry if you feel overly masculine or you feel overly feminine, you are whole, allow yourself to harmonize just by asking the body to do so. You have been on a great journey, you've come a long way, you can see that there's like a mountain behind you and a big sun behind you, the sun is setting or coming up whichever one you. But you've come all this way down this pathway and you've come to a cool watery spot. There's lots of green around you. There's lots of growth around you. So, this is the thing that's top of mind for you. It's really like asking us to connect in, connect in with nature, to recognize that we are nature, to connect in with source energy, right? And the number is 10 is 14. So, 4 plus 1 is 5. 5 is course correction. It's about change. We are talking about with the five it's like do you need a mentor? Are you looking for some spiritual support? Or are you a mentor and you're looking to open up your practice a little further. So, there's a lot of meaning in that 5. But the main meaning that I feel from that five right now is that we are seeking freedom. We are seeking freedom, we are seeking adventure, the 5 wants to be free more than anything else on the planet and that is what we're all looking for is personal freedom right. And there's a lot of kickback with that right now if you've been out in the world.


Speaker: Cheri Honeycutt  39:25

Yeah. Don't know if you've noticed.


Speaker: Jen Kohler 39:29

The next card, this is a big reading because we have two major arcana’s. So, the major arcana is just like these are big cards, these are cards to pay attention to. What do we want? We want to be the fool, the fool is not a bad card okay. People might think that it is not great. The fool is really like, it's time. It's time for you to take a leap into freedom. It's time for you to take a leap into your dreams, it's time for you to design your life on purpose. It's like look, he's right on the edge. He's right on the precipice and he's like it's time for me to take a leap. It's time for me to stand in my power. It's time for me to recognize how powerful I truly am. And to know that I'm held by the universe and that I am able to take a flying leap. And the zero in numerology is like the void. It's time to leap into the void. It's time to leap into [inaudible 40:24]. It's time to leap and say I don't know what's going to happen but I know that I'm going to be held and supported because I know that I am source energy right.

And the last card that I drew for us is the seven. The seven is a really a highly spiritual number. So, the seven of swords is like time to leave that sneaky mindset behind. If you have any doubts in your mind, if you have any uncertainty in your mind, it's time to stand in your power and it's time to make friends with those things, fear, anxiety all of that stuff, grief, depression, anxiety, those all are going to continue to live in our universe and it's up to you to decide how you're going to manage it. Are you going to succumb to it or are you going to call yourself higher? So really, this is calling you into a higher space, a higher place in source and spirit, really asking you to let go of the outcome. Let go of the physical manifestation and know that the physical manifestation will come as you know who you really are and you remember who you are.


Speaker: Cheri Honeycutt  41:41

Oh, that's so good, girl. So, can I connect some dots? Can I do this? So, we've got a little bit more to go but I kind of want to pull this together. So, I'm going back to your story where you're walking through Colorado and you have this awareness that nobody coming to save your ass, right? Nobody's coming. And so, you have this moment where you're like I have to show up and do this, right. And so, as I'm listening to this, as you've told your story and now you've pulled these cards and I'm thinking about the listeners who are right now listening to this that they may have really resonated with that sense and that sense of this is my own channeling here. I'm having to think that oh my God nobody coming. But here's the good news about that, that is time and we are supported. We are source energy, it is time for us. You're actually halfway through that journey. You're not just starting it, right. You're already in play even though you feel like you might be at the beginning. And that sense of what you're seeking freedom. The first thing that came to my mind Jen was that the biggest shackles were in as an invisible prison that we create in our own mind, that's the freedom, right? It's not freedom external. It's the freedom that we can give ourselves and then this fool is telling us to jump right into that place even if it's into this delicious seemingly kind of weird place of believing it's all good. With racing really foreign right but that's that bit about just seek and then what did you say here? It's time to leave that mindset that what did you use the word?


Speaker: Jen Kohler 43:28

I said this card makes it's a sneaky. There's a sneaky vibe to the card.


Speaker: Cheri Honeycutt  43:35

Sneaky yeah, I couldn't read my handwriting. And that sneaky mindset keeps telling us that we have to know how or we are behind and what do we do to scurry or we've got to stay right where we are even though it's just $25,000 a year but my God, I learned how to do massage therapy so I got to stay right? Or that well, if I'm not pregnant by now, I guess I give up. Whatever it is, right, sneaky.


Speaker: Jen Kohler 44:01

It’s a sneaky mindset and that sneaky mindset is prevalent among the people


Speaker: Cheri Honeycutt  44:05

I think I would say more people than not never even realize that that sneaky mindset is just a random thought they believe it to be true. Did I do that okay? Do you think that kind of some did I take it off the wrong?


Speaker: Jen Kohler 44:24

[Inaudible 44:24] clear channel, my friend.


Speaker: Cheri Honeycutt  44:26

Well, that's certainly what I got, I'll take it. I'll take it. So, this sense that I guess what I really what I'm taking away from you which is so much is this sense in that beautiful moment that those moments sometimes bring us to our knees or to a bench in Colorado or to a sad you know, those are the moments and then I used to say when I was a speaker you learn your lessons from the hard stuff not by going to Disney World. Well, I'm going to modify that. Hell yeah, you learn it, we go to Disney World when it's being called you to celebrate and have fun and so I love you. I love this conversation. I know that we're kind of wrapping up but I have a few questions I just want to kind of tap into here before we sign off. I haven't asked you this specifically but share with the folks what do you do? How do you stay in this mindset? How do you stay in this heart space? What's your rituals if you will that keep you in this place?


Speaker: Jen Kohler 45:43

So, I spend a lot of time in ritual. And I'm really glad that you said that because I actually spend a lot of time in what I call living ceremony. And so, ritual is really like me drawing cards, right? Like I do this everyday. I sit in meditation every day, that's my ritual. I sit in quantum expansion every day and I create the life that I want to be seeing. And I think that all of those rituals equal my life as ritual, my life as ceremony because those things are non-negotiable for me. And when I do them every day, it trickles into every single thing that I do, it trickles into every interaction that I have in public, with my friends with my family, it trickles into my parenting which is so important to me. My [inaudible 46:40] is I mean, obviously, he's eight and he is my most important job on this planet is working with him and being with him and playing with him, and living in ceremony with him.

So, my parenting is very ceremonial, for lack of better language it's just really like, I live my life as a ceremony. So, my daily ritual, it feeds into my whole entire life, it feeds into my practice, it feeds my vibration because that is really the important thing. Everyone that I talked to says I'm here to raise the vibration of the planet. What does that mean? It doesn't mean that we're raising the vibration of the planet, it means that you're raising the vibration of yourself in your body, in this body that you walked through life in.

And so when we raise our vibration and we stay in that vibration, it becomes easier and easier and easier to stay in that vibration. And then when you come on track, it's easier to get there. But I for sure lived in depression and grief and anxiety for a really long time and that is very low vibration. It's shame, it's guilt. It's blame. I chose to leave that behind, I chose to leave that in the past and I chose to forgive it and I choose joy, I choose bliss, I choose life. And so, I choose that every day, I think choice is a superpower that we have as humans and that is my ritual .


Speaker: Cheri Honeycutt  48:17

It’s choice, absolutely. And how that dovetails into this is why we are so in alignment here Jen is that how we do that is by making commitments, creating rituals or practices whatever word you want ceremony which I love is how do you show up and spend your time and your energy and your focus on what really matters which is directly what I work with folks on. I mean even down so far of when you're learning something new. I put meditate on my calendar every day because if I don't put it down there, it is not yet fully integrated into who I am. If it's not on my calendar, I will not do it, just admit that or there'll be a day where it won't be. But that's how we move in the direction right in that ceremony, you decide. So, here's another question. What is something that I haven't asked you yet that you wanted to talk about and I didn't ask you?


Speaker: Jen Kohler 49:19



Speaker: Cheri Honeycutt  49:26

Yes, and you have gotten one and you do them.


Speaker: Jen Kohler 49:30

Yeah. Well, I mean I actually don't have a lot of experience but I am running a retreat in November with the beautiful Michelle Lane and it's called embody your sacred success. And we're going to be talking about all the things that we've been talking about like right here right now. And so, I have wanted to run retreats for so long. I'm a huge adventurer and I believe my values are freedom and trust and adventure and love. I always have to tell. But I want to bring people to the edge, I want people to come to the edge, right the fool. I want them to feel that edge and I want them to know what their edges are and I want them to see that they can go beyond those edges and that we can move beyond the comfort zone and we can really like go out there and do the thing. So, our embody and sacred success retreat is going to be in Tahoe, California and we are excited. It's happening here in November and we have spaces open, we are like oh, it's going to be luxurious and beautiful and fun, and spacious, and we're going to be in creation mode and I just couldn't be more excited. [Inaudible 50:42] going is retreating. I want to gather with people in person. I love being physical with people.


Speaker: Cheri Honeycutt  50:50

Absolutely. I mean I will tell you I share the same dream. I have led retreats in the past and that's more of that more please, more please. But I know Michelle and I've seen you guys together and I've seen the place that you're going to be doing it. I just know that that's such a delicious container and I'll put all that in the show notes okay. So, the connection for all that will be in the show notes.

Okay. And so last question that I asked everybody, are you ready? Is it dark chocolate or milk chocolate?


Speaker: Jen Kohler 51:26

Oh, I mean, that's like not even a question. It's dark chocolate.


Speaker: Cheri Honeycutt  51:31

Alright. Thank you. I'm just so far I've not had to get anybody off my list. So, one final question before I wrap this up which I thought my dark chocolate was the last question but if you could put your like words for the world on your bumper sticker, what would it be like three four or five words? What is that the thing you want people to know to embody maybe I don't know what's the word?


Speaker: Jen Kohler 52:09

In order to thrive you must decide.


Speaker: Cheri Honeycutt  52:13

Oh, in order to thrive you must decide, let's write that down. That is so good. You guys listen up, in order to thrive you've got to decide. And so, what I want to say to you listeners if you've been pained and inspired and anything has been stirred up in you first of all, pay attention notice and then do something with that, reach out to Jen reach out to me pull over if you're driving and journal, buy a tarot deck, sign on let Jen do so numerology with you, just pay attention to the numbers. But I really want you to know that Jen and her work is phenomenal. You will grow and stretch and move and move beyond in any work you do with her. So please, trust your nudges and reach out to her like I like to say this on the podcast in our wonderful world. You could be talking to her on the phone in a day or two. That's how it works. It’s a small world.

So as always, Jen, I love sharing space with you. You have touched my heart and I already knew you. I can't imagine what you've done to the listeners and you're a healer, you're one of the most beautiful souls of anyone I've ever met. Thank you for your time.


Speaker: Jen Kohler 53:35

Thank you [unsure 53:35].


Speaker: Jen Kohler 52:37

[unsure 52:37].

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