What's the Martyr with You?

Podcast Podcast Transcript I hate the book The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein. I LOVE a lot of his other works, but The Giving Tree has always made me uncomfortable . . . even when I was younger. I will say it again; I HATE that book. It’s a poem about a beautiful tree who shares herself with a little boy. It starts out kind of sweet. He loves her and she loves him. He collects her leaves to make hats. He swings on her branches. He sells her apples with her permission. All is well and the tree is happy because the boy is happy. The tree is at her happiest (or maybe really only happy) when the boy gives her his attention. Then things start to get dark. To make him happy, the tree starts to

Release Your Old Stories

Podcast Podcast Transcript There are some things than must go down. Like…those jeans with sequins on the back pocket or those halter tops you wore 30 pounds ago? If you still have some in your drawer, let me be the first to tell you “let them go already.” You are never going to wear them again. Really, you won’t. But we hold on to things, don’t we? It’s so weird. I’m still using the same comb I used in high school and have the same pair of LL Bean anorak I bought in the 80s! So, it is with your miserable old stories about yourselves. We hold on to them for dear life. In today’s podcast we’re gonna talk about these stories we have about ourselves. You know, those things you think about yourse

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