Transformation Ain't Sexy

“Her steps are blue.” This is one of the things my friend says when she is trying to tell someone about me. It’s a from a time where I mentioned one day that I wished my steps to the basement were blue rather than brown. I had just been talking about all of the things I needed to get done and then I added in “and these brown steps are making me crazy! I wish they were blue!!!” Two days later my friend came over and I had painted to steps. She tells this story because I’m one of those instant gratification kinds of gals. I want to see it NOW. I’m a Ready Fire Aim person. Put another way, my husband likes to say, “You’re not a very good waiter. You don’t like to wait.” I want to see results ri

Cultivate Your Tribe

“You are the sum total of the people you hang out with the most.” I remember the first time I heard this statement. I had heard it before but when I was at the National Speakers Association conference several years back was the first time it really landed. Since like attracts like, I could see how most of us gravitate toward people who we are similar to. Then as a group we are in alignment with one another. Combined with what I also knew and know even more deeply now, is that people rarely want to change . . . we get in a groove if you will. If we’re not careful those grooves become ruts. We tend to hang out with the same people most of the time. Hanging out with the same people can be

Transform you, Your Team or Your Organization, On Purpose!

Photographs by Isaac Cogdill

Head Shots by Robert Mannis Photography

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