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Ep 29: Change is Uncomfortable


Podcast Notes

To call this an intense time would be an understatement! We are in the midst of a pandemic that has taken over 100,000 lives to date. Add to that, people are vehemently calling out systemic racism and calling for equality. We are watching police violence, protest of that violence. Emotional and intense times for sure!

In this challenging time, we have the opportunity for immense change. . . much needed change. So how do we allow that change to happen?

In this podcast, Cheri doesn’t speak to the specific issues, rather she speaks to a key ingredient for fostering and allowing any kind of permanent change. This key step is to sit in the murkiness and the discomfort. To be willing and able to be uncomfortable. To resist the urge to reach for easy answers but rather remain in the difficult and awkward place between identifying the problem and finding lasting solutions.


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