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Ep 19: Living a Whole Cookie Life


Show Notes

Do you squish together a lot of crumbs and pretend it's a whole cookie? Do you continue to accept less than you want AND then lie about it . . . pretending that what you have is JUST FINE . . . never really getting what you want?

In this podcast, Cheri talks about this phenomenon of accepting a life that doesn't make the mark. She talks about how she finally realized this pattern in her own life when she could see all of the many time and situations where she was wiling to settle for far less than she wanted. Worse yet, she would lie to herself. She was squishing together those crumbs and hoping so much to make them into a cookie. But when she finally uncovered and accepted this harmful pattern, her life turned around.

Listen and see if Cheri can help you ferret out situations where you are accepting far less than you want and deserve. Listen and realize you can have the whole cookie!


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