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Ep 22: You Gotta Pray & Move Your Feet


Show Notes

We want what we want. I don't know about you, but I get frustrated when the things I want don't come to me in a timely manner. Are you like me, and have times where you do "everything" you think you're supposed to do, but what you want alludes you? Or are you also like me and sometimes just wish things would show up with little to no effort on your part?

In this podcast, I talk about the frustration we can feel when our desires and/or our efforts don't produce the results we want in the time we think it should. I talk about how to keep from giving up when your desired outcome is elusive. More importantly, I talk about finding that sweet spot . . . the one where you enthusiastically show up to the task at hand while simultaneously understanding that the timing may not be in your control. Like the Amish saying goes, this podcast is about how to Pray and Move Your Feet.


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