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5 Tips for Navigating Mood Swings

Can you relate to this?

Some days you feel terrific, like you’re full of endless power and you're joyfully kickin’ butt!  Then other days you feel like life result of this emotional whiplash?   We are overwhelmed, exhausted and sometimes suffering from a sprained spirit.

So, what do we do?

Overtime, I have developed a few strategies that help me negotiate these highs and lows (#LifebyDesignwithCheri).  See if one or more might work for you too.

1. Accept that highs and lows are natural.

Okay, well DUH!  But remember this – bright light produces deep shadows and shadows bring out the beauty of the light.  Without this variation, our lives would be a gray, lack luster existence.  Do you really want this “flat-liner” of a life?  Not me. 

2. Pretend you are on a raft at sea and ride the waves baby!

Don’t struggle to always be on top.  You’ll wear yourself out.  Instead, mentally float up and down – this way you will not waste your precious energy.  If you can, enjoy the highs and let them show you as far ahead as possible.  Then in turn, enjoy the lows as a time to sit back and relax.  There will always be an up time again.

3. Write, Write, Write.

This one has really helped me.  When you are feeling unstoppable and full of vim and vigor, write about your successes.   Leave little notes from your optimistic self, scattered about your office or home.  These little messages may just buoy you when the low times come, providing you with bread crumbs reminders that good times will come again. 

4. Create a #gratitude practice.

Photo by Gabrielle Henderson on Unsplash

I bet you have heard this one before.  I had heard it for years.  But, not until I actually started this practice myself did I fully appreciate the power of gratitude.  In fact, I have found the quickest way out of a self-flagellating low time is to list all that I currently have that I’m truly grateful for.

5. "Don’t drop anchor” at the low times.

If you have to, turn off the radio, can the TV, dump your Eyeore friends and instead wrap yourself with positivity.  We easily and subtly acclimate to our surroundings so we must be mindful.   Choose positive people, pleasant activities, and joy-filled experiences.

I hope that one or more of these tips speaks to you.  Both highs and lows are inevitable.  Our task is not to pretend that all is well, when it’s not.  That would be like putting a smiley face sticker on a pile of dog doo and pretending it doesn’t stink.  But we also don’t have to throw up our hands and scream that the sky is falling. 

Navigate the lows and ride the highs, that’s what I say! 


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