Join me every Monday at 11:00 AM EST for a  Power Hour!

(this is a no-cost experience)

ZOOM Link:

Meeting  ID:  828 768 3541 (my phone number)


What is a Power Hour?


It's an hour shared with others dedicated to getting something important or meaningful donedealt with or off your to-do list


It's an intentional time to get focused        and take action.   


A Power Hour is a time to get something hairy or scary done . . . something you're avoiding.  You do it in community with built in support and accountability.

What could your do in a Power Hour?

The sky is the limit.  Here are some examples of what others hav done  


  • Finished their taxes

  • created a content calendar for the month

  • recorded a podcast

  • switched out their closet at the end of the season

  • wrote thank notes and sympathy cards

  • deep cleaned the refrigerator

  • reconciled financial statements

  • Made doctor appointments for the whole family

  • finished monthly reports

  • deep cleaned indoor spaces

  • scrubbed outdoor furniture

  • finished "end of life" paperwork

  • exercised

  • wrote and posted a blog post

  • Washed the exterior kitchen cabinets

How it works:

We come together on a ZOOM cal and en we begin with a brief check in followed by each person declaring their intention for the next hour.  Then we depart the call and everyone gets to work!  


An hour later, we return to the call and report about our success.  

We applaud and support one another.  If someone got stuck or ran into a roadblack, we brainstorm ways to help them get moving.  


Pretty simple, huh?  Simple AND POWERFUL!!!


Remember, you don't have to do something hard unless you want to.  You can use this Power Hour any way you like.  The point is to do something IMPORTANT at the beginning of the week, and to do it in community. 


Lastly, who else do you know who may need this?  Please share, share, SHARE!!!  The more the merrier. 

The Details

Every Monday at 11 AM EDT

ZOOM Link:

Meeting  ID:  828 768 3541 (my phone number)

You begin the week having marked one important item off of your to do list!

Helping You Create the Life You've Always Intended, On Purpose!

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