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You're Invited!

Society has sold us a long list of lies to keep us from our own happiness. I want to take a moment to dive into 3 biggies together so you can live with a little more happy and a lot less crappy in this thing we call life.


Make some time for YOURSELF and plan to join me on Wednesday, August 10th at 4:30pm EDT as we dive into these three BIG lies:

1.  Your needs don't matter.  Other's needs take priority.  


2.  If you look too deeply at what's not working in your life it will break you. 

3.  You don't really have what it takes to change things.


I get how these can feel true but they are lies all the same.  Isn't it time to stop shoving down the inevitable truth that YOU MATTER?


Isn't it time to say YES to YOU, love?


I can't wait to see you there!


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Say "YES" to Yourself:  

Three Toxic Beliefs That Hold Us Back

Sign up below you'll be taken directly to a page with the zoom information.  Be sure to put this on your calendar.  

Plus watch your inbox and spam for reminders the day of the workshop.

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