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Change Your Life Overnight


Podcast Transcript

Something ain’t right and you know it.

You have anxiety you can’t put your finger on. You’re procrastinating and are embarrassed to tell anyone. You’re drinking one too many glasses of wine every night. You haven’t summoned the courage to check your bank balance in a while. You’re stuck in a job you know is killing you one looooong day at a time.

Something ain’t right and you know it . . . but you aren’t doing anything about it.

I might tell you to put your big girl panties on and DO THAT SH*T ALREADY! But truthfully, I bet if you thought you could’a you would’a. But you’ve got to start somewhere and I’m proposing the small but important step of shifting things in your home.

Move some stuff in your external space so you can get things moving in your inner life. It’s your inner self that’s got to make the shift so you will finally do what needs to be done or stop doing those behaviors that are bringing you down.

In today’s podcast I’m going to give you some tips to do TODAY to get unstuck.

The Bagua (that weird Feng Shui Thing)

When I’m stuck I go to the Bagua. The bagua is the basis of the ancient Chinese practice of Feng Shui. In short, the bagua is a map or diagram you “lay over” your space. Feng Shui correlates 9 different aspects of your life to 9 different areas of a space. You determine what areas of your life link with what areas of your space by using the bagua.

A simple bagua layout.

There are several ways to align the bagua to one’s space. But I prefer the Pyramid School way. I find it the most straightforward and newbie friendly. If you’re driving and can’t look at the information I have in the transcript of this podcast, let me describe the bagua.

The bottom of the bagua (the wisdom/career/travel& helpful people) line up with the front entrance to your home or apartment.

In the text of this post you can see a picture of my house with the bagua laid over it. My front door is on the bottom of the diagram in the center. I drew the whole bagua “over” my house so I can see that my Prosperity area is in my Kitchen and My Travel and Helpful People is in my office, etc.

It’s not hard . . . really.

I use Feng Shui in lots of ways in my own life and the life of my clients. Sometimes I do intensive rearranging and redecorating. That is NOT what I’m talking about here.

Rather, I suggest you use the bagua to do ONE thing to get you moving.

Just one thing. Then maybe another and another. But you start with one thing in a very specific area of your life. Change one thing, then other things start to change.

Don’t get me wrong, cleaning your oven won’t put more money in your wallet directly. Adding fresh flowers to a table won’t save your marriage. Nothing takes the place of actually changing. But movement does cause movement which is what change is . . . moving in a different direction.

If you want to change something, then something has got to move.

Shifting your energy by addressing your physical space can raise your vibration and energy level . . . and voila. . . you may just do what needs to be done.

You still gotta do the thing or stop doing the thing but think of this approach as entering in the side door. (I just had an image of Randy from the Christmas Story. His mom encourages him act like a piggy, so he’d finally eat his dinner. She tricked him into doing what needed to be done.)

What’s Troubling You?

So little piggy, what area of your life is getting you down? Pick one. Don’t spend too much time here just ask yourself the question “What’s troubling me?” and pick ONE area of your life. Here are some examples if you’re stuck or overwhelmed with this.

Money woes? Want a new or better job? Feeling deprived and jealous of others who have more than you? Then start in the Prosperity Sector.

Struggles in school? Can’t seem to get the information you need? Want more clarity on an important decision? Then start in the Knowledge section of your home.

Unease with an ailing parent? Want children but you are having a hard time conceiving? Want more family time now that the kids are scattered about? Fighting about inheritance? Have an upcoming vacation with the whole fam and you’re worried? Give your Family section some attention.

Want to get more or better customers? Want to grow your on-line presence? Trying to find an agent? People talking smack about you and it isn’t true? Spruce up the Fame and Reputation area.

Your marriage is low energy? You want to attract a romantic partner? You’re struggling with a friend? You feel misunderstood? Show some love to the Relationship area of your home.

You feel creatively blocked? You want children? You want to strangle the children you have? You don’t ever have enough time to do things that bring you joy? Spend some energy in the Creativity and Children sector.

You want to travel but can’t find the money? You’ve got travel in your future? You need specific kinds of help. . . like a therapist, a plumber or a coach 😊. Focus on the Travel and Helpful People area.

You’re working your finger to the bone but feel like you’re not being seen? You want a promotion? Your boss is a pain in the ass and you don’t know what to do? The Career section is the place to start.

You have aches and pains? You just got a test result you don’t like? You want to prevent disease? You feel low energy all the time? The center of your home, the Health section, is the place to begin.

Get it? Home in on the major thing that’s worrying you and then identify what area of your home needs your attention.

Got it? Now let’s go to the bagua and see where to begin. Here are some examples to get you goin’.

Whistle While You Work

There really is a lot to Feng Shui and I love it all. There are elements and colors and cures and principles to be applied. But I want you to ignore all of that right now.

Please don’t think I’m cheapening this ancient practice. That is not my intention at all. It’s powerful and profound. I’ve just found you don’t have to eat the whole buffet. A sample taste can get you going and wanting more!

So . . . Find the area of your home that is aligned with the area of your life that’s in the crapper or causing you the most worry. Now you’re gonna clean it up. Yup, clean it.

Vacuum, dust, scour, spruce it up. Give it some attention. Channel Snow White and whistle a happy tune while you’re at it. If it’s in a room you never use . . . go in there and get to work. If it’s your bathroom, call in Mr. Clean™. If its your garage, yup . . . give it some attention.

Next, do at least one thing to make that area more appealing to you. Set out a vase of flowers, a piece of art that’s been in the closet, organize the tools on the peg board according to size. Anything that makes that part of your home look and feel better.

Wanna Go Even Bigger?

If you’re REALLY up to making some changes, write a note describing exactly what you want and put it in the space. I recommend writing it in the present tense and written with heart-felt gratitude.

For example:

“Thank you for sending me the perfect person to fix my roof at a fair price.”

“Thank you for the perfect new job, paying me $65,000 per year!”

“Thank you for pain-free knees.”

"Thank you for clarity on what I'm supposed to do about Vanessa."

"Thank you for all of the opportunities to meet new friends that effortlessly come my way."

I’m only suggesting (ok . . . strongly suggesting) three relatively minor things to do to ignite change.

1. Identify one area of your life that’s troubling you the most.

2. Determine in which area of the bagua your concern falls.

3. Clean and beautify that area.

Do that . . . now . . . today . . . no excuses . . . then feel things shift.

I’d love to hear about your changes. Comment below or sent me an email. Share the love!


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